Taco Bellfilthy invironment


I visited the Taco Bell on State Street in Saginaw Michigan on Friday night June 26th at approximatly 7:53 p.m. The floor and surrounding area's of the food work stations were filthy, the floor was so dirty you couldn't tell in spots what color it was. While waiting for my food I observced an employee (the one who filled my order) throw a container of hard taco shells toward a trash can and they landed on the floor, no -one swept them up or picked them up they stayed where they were. I also observed the manager and another employee who were working the drive-thru side throw wrappers on the floor that also went left where they were.I almost told them to keep their food. I also know from having worked fast food when I was young you cannot have a garbage can by a work station, which by the way there was, thats where I believe the taco shells were suppose to go.I have instructed my husband that if he becomes ill to make sure he tells me, that store was not as clean as it should be, I have gone to that particular taco bell for years and have NEVER seen it so filthy dirty. Oh and the employee that filled my order forgot my tostado so I had to wait even longer. (there was only that young man working the inside order side, I in a way felt sorry for him, no one was helping him)

Thank You for Your Time

Patricia Pennington
4670 Berrywood W.
Saginaw Mi 48603
e-mail address [protected]

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