Taco Bell / I am complaining about the store manager

When I called the store about a job I had recently been interviewed for I was calling to check on the status of it I was supposed to get a call later that same day and I didn't receive it. So when I called I asked to speak with the store manager manager Ms. Patrice. I asked about the job and she said she wasn't going to hire me. I asked why she didn't call and tell me she said with an attitude 'maybe I would have if I wasn't so busy' I said okay & before I could thank her for the opportunity she hung up in my face. I called back once more and asked to speak with her. She came and I said "you hung up in my face before I could say thank you" she then said with the same attitude "BYE" and hung up in my face again. Also this complaint has nothing to do with me not getting the job. I just feel she was very rude and disrespectful.

Nov 25, 2017

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