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Taco Bell / concerned employee

1 west williamsFallon, NV, United States Review updated:
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I, Jaston Coker was treated in a very unprofessional manner at work on Satuday May 17, 2008 I was due to work at 8:00am that morning, I called Ellen at 7:45 am and told her I was running late she said o.k. I hurried my daughter to the sitter and arrived at 8:20-8:25. I started my work, Ellen approached me in front of my co-workers and said that I was getting written up. I asked for what? She replied because you were late. I said I wish you would have told me that on the phone, and I would have tried to hurry even more. I was upset and crying but proceeded to do my work. She then she then confronted me in front of my co-workers. I tossed a box towards the back door and knocked over some cilantro, she then asked me to go home. At this point 80% of my work was done which is fry cook. Sunday morning at 7:30 am my supervisor Derek Horton called me and told me not to come in for my scheduled shift. That him and I would talk Monday May 19, 2008. Regarding the circumstances with Ellen Seeger and myself. I am a single mom and am on a limited budget. I could not afford to miss those days. I am writing to you because I followed policy prior to being late. She did not pull me aside and speak with me, she embarrassed me and yelled at me in front my peers. I have been employed with Taco Bell for nearly a year. I enjoy my job and have good report with my co-workers. I have observed Fallon management. They use little to none when it comes to discretion in disciplinary issues. They are not fair or consistent. It is my general knowledge that an employee of five years or more at the Fallon store is 30 to 40 min late to work daily. This in no way excuses my actions that day but in order to provide the best customer service the work relations and environment has to be based on team work and consideration for others. We were both in the wrong and only I got punished. We are a team and when one employee gets punished the other party should also be reprimanded for their actions also. I hoped that this matter could be resolved positively for both Ellen and myself.

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      29th of Jul, 2008
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    i totally agree with you the store in Fitchburg, MA does the same thing.

  • Ch
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    What happened on Monday? I can tell you that I am a manager in a customer service field and I am appalled that someone in a leadership position would attempt to council you in front of another coworker. This is completely unprofessional and it shows a complete lack of integrity. If you have documentation on the other coworker who is late daily and has been there for a long period of time, I would address that with the owner or senior management as that would definetly be considered favoritism. The first issue is that you followed your company protocol by calling in to let your shift manager know you would be late. If this is not a regular occurance with you employment history then a simple conversation would be appropriate, as long as it is done in private and not in front of another employee. But if you are outside of your companies dependability guidlines you may have been written up. I am not clear where you stand. The biggest issue is not that you were late, but the fact you were ridiculed and harrassed in front of another co-worker which should never be done. I suggest you go to the labor board if you do not get a fair resolution to this situation. Good luck!

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