Taco Bell / 20+ minutes waiting in the drive-thru line

Mcminnville, OR, United States
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This is a complaint towards the McMinnville, Oregon Taco Bell. In the past year, there has only been one time that I did not have to wait in line both inside and in the drive-thru for less than 20 minutes. Also, they do not apologize or acknowledge in any way that you have been waiting for an excessive amount of time. They do not even mention it. "Sorry for the wait" or "thanks for your patience", has never been spoken. It would at least lessen the frustration. So the last time I went there, I asked them why it always takes so long and their response was they are short-handed and they have a new manager. I told them this has been happening every time I go there for over a year, so they handed me a coupon for a free taco. Seriously, that does not fix the problem. Extremely poor customer service at this Taco Bell. Every other Taco Bell I have been to has been great! This is the only Taco Bell within about 20 miles. We love Taco Bell, but we rarely go there any more. If we really, really want Taco Bell, I bring some reading material to pass the time while waiting in the drive-thru! Also, once you get in the drive-thru line, there is no escape if someone comes up behind you. There is no exit lane. You are basically stuck there for a minimum of 20 minutes. This is not an exaggeration. One of the corporate managers needs to go there and wait in the drive-thru to experience it and then figure out how it fix it.

May 16, 2017

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