T-Mobile USAfraud charges

N Nov 28, 2017 Review updated:

I recently change phone service due to your tmobile overcharging me for many different things for over a year. Prior to October of 2016, I was on a monthly plan of 80 for two line and 20 for an additional line I also paid for insurance for one phone and $20 for faster internet. On October 2016, my phone broke and I walked into a tmobile stone one of the customer service representative told me they were running a special and that I would get an extra free phone along with a J7. He confirmed several times that it was free phone and 0 charges regardless of any termination. And advised me that I would only get charged $7 or $10 dollars for your new J7. I also confirmed that I would keep the same monthly plan rate for the same amount of less than $150 dollars for the 3 lines new phone and added charges. He confirmed not once but twice. I explained that I was on a fixed income and would not be able to pay more than $150 monthly, and I did not need an additional line. The rep again confirmed and promised that yes my bill would be under $150 a month. I had my son and a friend as a witness. Since then my bill increased and never was able to get back to my original plan. Most recently Tmobile hired staff who represent themselves as experts and do nothing to work with the customer, The worst customer service I have experience. Verizon is now offer the customer service Tmobile once offered. Sad to see that change with Tmobile.


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      Nov 29, 2017

    Do you have any of the original paperwork you signed? Is it available online by chance?

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