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T-Mobile / very poor customer service

1 2923 Bayswater Ave/97-17 101st St.Far Rockaway Ozone Park, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (347)697-0935

T-mobile customer service is very very poor! U can verify all of your information, however the say "we cannot tell you anything about your account over the phone"! They also say "that there are fcc guidelines that prohibits them from telling the customer anything"! I have never been so disgraced by any company! I guess I will now have to explore my new options as to where to take my cellular business! T-mobile has the worst coverage and th worst dropped calls situations ever!!

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  • Ti
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    Iceatra, employee number 0341279, will never answer any of your questions. Instead, she will yell over you, blame you, and not listen to any of your concerns.

    I have been a loyal T-Mobile consumer for the last few years; however, I will never again use T-Mobile because they do not care about their customers. Tonight, I called T-Mobile because I was receiving unsolicited calls from a private number at odd hours in the night. After speaking to a T-Mobile customer representative regarding my problem, he advised me that I could opt to add a "Family Allowance" option onto my plan and randomly select any number from the phone book and in addition to that number I randomly selected, T-Mobile would block all private numbers from calling me. He advised me that this was a great option to resolve my problem of unsolicited private number prank calls. However, this option included a fee which I did not feel was warranted given the fact that it was a T-mobile number these unsolicited calls were targeting, and on no part of my own or any bad faith on my part were these private numbers calling me. I asked to speak to his supervisor regarding a waiver of the fee. Iceatra, employee #0341279, answered the phone and immediately told me that I was speaking in circles. She refused to answer any of my direction questions, but instead constantly re-informed me that I was "speaking in circles." I asked her why I could not receive a fee waiver regarding this "family allowance" program given that I did not in any way cause this problem, she immediately cut me off and yelled over me to tell me that I was "speaking in circles." She purposely refused to answer my direct, clear, and concise question. Instead, she yelled at me, was extremely rude and unprofessional, and continued to avoid all my questions.

    Iceatra, employee number 034127, was rude, unprofessional, and refused to help me in any way. I have been a loyal customer to T-Mobile for the last few years; however, this October when my plan expires, I will be sure to switch providers because of this incident.

  • Kn
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    If you were calling a retail store, then the representative you spoke to is correct. The retail representative cannot release any account information over the phone. If you spoke to a Customer Care Representative, the response is mostly correct. What you are dealing with is CPNI, or Customer Proprietary Network Information. These guidlines were put in place by the FCC to protect consumers in the event of an unauthorized access to an account. If the customer initiates the call to Customer Service, the Customer Service representative cannot release ANY call detail; except in three instances. The following is pasted verbatim from the FCC law pertaining to CPNI:Carrier Authentication Requirements
    1. Customer-Initiated Telephone Account Access
    13. We find that the release of call detail45 over the telephone presents an immediate risk to
    privacy and therefore we prohibit carriers from releasing call detail information based on customerinitiated
    telephone contact except under three circumstances.First, a carrier can release call detail information if the customer provides the carrier with a pre-established password.47 Second, a carrier may,
    at the customer’s request, send call detail information to the customer’s address of record.48 Third, a
    carrier may call the telephone number of record and disclose call detail information.49 A carrier may
    disclose non-call detail CPNI to a customer after the carrier authenticates the customer.50
    14. The record reflects that pretexters use evolving methods to trick employees at customer
    service call centers into releasing call detail information.51 This release of call detail through customerinitiated
    telephone contact presents heightened privacy concerns because of pretexters’ abilities to
    circumvent carrier authentication requirements and gain immediate access to call detail.

    Hope this helps.

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