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T-Mobile Customer Service Text Messaging / added unlimited text messaging service and then was charged for text messages

1 NH, United States

In November, I called T-mobile customer service to see if I could replace my damaged phone with a new phone without having to lengthen my contract. I have been a loyal T-mobile customer for 4 years. They said sorry, have to extend your contract, they even recommended my buying a new unregistered phone and switching the little PIN card(or whatever it is called) once I got the new phone. While I was on the phone with the rep, he suggested that I add on the unlimited texting plan since I had a few small charges for text messages. I am not a texting fool like some, but my wife was starting to use the feature more and more. So I said yes, please add that on to my plan. So I hung up the phone and told my wife, we now have the unlimited texting plan so feel free to text at will.

Well you can imagine what happened next. My next bill came in with 300 dollars worth of text messaging charges. I figured this would be an easy fix, I would just call customer service and explain it, and someone with a brain would look at my past history and realize this was all a mistake. The rep was pleasant and helpful, but acted like her hands were tied behind her back, I asked to talk to someone higher and was told they were not available. So I hung up, wrote a letter to accompany my bill and as life goes, time went by. I just received my second bill and again, it has the charge and of course now THEY are mad because they want the money of course. I have used the support section of My T-Mobile site and resubmitted my claim that I believed I was on the unlimited texting plan and that I will not pay for a mistake that one of their reps did. I will update this complaint as I continue the process. I think the thing that frustrates me the most is the lack of a willingness to listen/work any sort of solution to the problem with me. Even though the customer service reps were both pleasant and polite, they have absolutely no power to make any decisions, and the folks that do sit back and do not talk to the actual customers.


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