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T-Mobile / terrible customer service experience

1 United States Review updated:

I'm having a terrible customer service experience from tmobile so far as it has $75 of my money. I was a happy camper when I was with Cingular except their customer service which I feel is very good compared to what I'm going through with T-Mobile now.

I was told that T-Mobile had the best customer service and some cool plans. I'm a member of the American Airlines AAdvantage Program and T-Mobile has a program promotion through American Airlines offering 8000 Miles for 1 year commitment. That sounded cool and I placed an order by calling [protected] on 12/8/2006 for a Black PEBL phone with 1 Year of service for $50(Eventually will be free after $50 dollars mail in rebate). I also placed an order for a PEBL PACK VPC & CASE for $19.99 along with this order. The order number for reference is 112775xxx(I'm putting x's for security purposes). I got an email order confirmation from T-Mobile and I didn't find any tracking number even after 3 days. So I called the customer service dept again and I was told that due to the glitch in their system, It didn't generate a tracking number and Tmobile rep said that they have to cancel the original order(Order Num 112775xxx) and do a reorder with a free overnight shipping. They finally re-ordered with a new order num 112808xxx. This time I saw a tracking number, but was shocked to see about $317($299+tax) on my credit card online statement, instead of $50 + taxes. So I called TMobile the same evening, and they apologized as usual for the mess up and T-Mobile rep told me that the amount will credited back to my Credit card account in 3 days. 3 days passed by and nothing happened and called again. And after repeated callings( I spoke
with atleast 15 representatives), finally the amount($250 + taxes) got credited back to my account after nearly 2 weeks.

During this period, it hurt me personally and finacially as T-Mobile was holding about $265 of my money . I promised my wife and kids to take them to restaurant and I could not go as my credit card had near maxed out. I have to curtail my grocery expenditure. I looked like a bad father and a bad husband. I lost nearly about 4 to 5 hours of my quality time in total by talking to the Customer Service Reps who took me no where instead of spending time with my wife and kids. I thought everything would be fine from there onwards and tried to put the whole thing behind. But I was wrong. On 1/4/2007, I got a email telling that a new line has been activated to my existing account, which I didn't approve at all. I got a package with a new black pebl phone and my credit card was charged for nearly $75 dollars, without my authorization. I called the tmobile service rep and she told me that there was an error and everything would be taken care of. When I looked at the invoice, it had an order number of 112775xxx(Which is the same order Which Initially I was told will be cancelled) and TMobile ofcourse did not cancel the original order. They messed up again. The customer service rep told me to send the package back using the return form or to return to the nearest t-mobile store. I returned the package to my nearest t-mobile store after driving 25 mins and spending my money on gas all because T-Mobile screwed up. I talked to some one from the administrative office and they told me that they will only credit back the $75 dollars after the receive the package and It would take 10 to 20 business days after they receive package. I cried foul and demanded as It's tmobile's fault that they are responsible for crediting the $75 dollars at once. She finally told me that she will transfer me to her supervisor and after waiting 20 mins, the line got disconnected or may she disconnected. Who Knows!. In a nutshell,TMobile has my $75 dollars again now and I feel betrayed and cheated by T-Mobile. Keeping my fingers crossed when I will get my money back!!

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  • Yu
      3rd of Sep, 2014
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    My experience with T-moblie customer service was terrilbe 9/2/2014. the rep. that i talk to this morning was speed talking i could not even get a word in!!!

  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    T-Mobile - Terrible everything!
    United States

    What others tell you about the lack of service in areas is absolutely true. I also could not get T-Mobile to give me a refund or let me out of the contract and I was only about a week outside of the refund window. If this company was really on the up and up, they would be very UPFRONT about telling you that you have a certain grace period during which the contract can be canceled if you are dissatisfied. These grace periods can be tricky because they differ from state to state. California's grace period is longer than some other states, but did anyone even tell me about the grace period? No! Not until it was too late and I was complaining about the service area.

    The customer service is also the worse. I can't even begin to count how many times I talked to one person who told me one thing only to get a different answer from another rep. About six months into my horrible service, I finally gave up and picked up an AT&T contract while still paying my monthly T-Mobile payment. The moment my T-Mobile contract was due to expire, I was on the phone making sure I wasn't rolled over even one month. Did the idiots get it right? No! I can't even go into the problems I had just getting canceled.

    After I finally got out, I wanted to transfer SIM cards from our AT&T phones into our T-Mobile razor phones (we love these phones.) The first ### I spoke to told me I couldn't get the unlock codes because I no longer had an account and I would need to get someone else with a T-Mobile account to put in the request for me??!! I just couldn't believe this was true, so I tried calling back and found that he was indeed a ###. The truth is that you have a three month period, after cancellation, to ask for unlock codes or to inquire about your account. Luckily, it was one of the only times I got someone who actually KNEW something at T-Mobile. I received the correct codes within a few minutes and was switched over.

    Oh, yeah, my final T-Mobile bill just came in March and my contract was up on January 4. Another complaint-it took about five months to get my rebates (when I first started up with them) because they kept sending me letters saying I wasn't eligible and I was. Save yourself a LOT of hassle, anger, frustration, customer service calls and hair pulling. DON'T GO T-MOBILE!!! You'll regret it.

    And, yes, I'm VERY happy with AT&T. The ONLY call I've had to make to them was to ask about the unlock codes. The first person I talked to knew that I had to ask T-Mobile for the unlock codes to their phones. Rats!!

  • Jo
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    im not trying to call you a liar, but a tmobile rep would not of been able to give you unlock codes on the call you requested them. we first must submit the request to the maker of the phone then we email it to you within 2-7 days.

    also dont you think it would be up to you to read the terms and conditions about the return period yourself ?? sounds crazy i know. im so shocked you blame the company for u not reading your own contract that YOU signed.

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