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T Mobile / defective items and poor information from customer service reps

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My main complaint with this company is that they totally screwed me on a phone that i upgraded to. I originally purchased a blackberry a little over a year ago. I was able to upgrade after the year of the service so i did, i upgraded to the sidekick id (i originally wanted a sidekick a year ago but they were not in stock) I paid over $100.00 and added an additional 2 years to my service contract to do this.

I received my new sidekick and for 2 days it was stuck on the activation screen so i called and they had to trouble shoot for me to get it to bypass this (the phone is completely inactive while on this screen, so i had no phone for 2 days) once this problem was solved i was able to use the phone but i noticed that all of my calls had this really high pitch sound in the ear piece and the sound would cut in and out in the conversation (i had perfect reception by the way)

So i called into tmobile and they did some trouble shooting and i went along with it and gave it a day or so and it still did the same thing as before and so i called back for a 3rd time now and they advised that i needed to replace my sim card. In order to replace the sim card you have to go to a tmobile store (the nearest one is 45 min from my home) I had to wait until the weekend to do this seeing how i have kids and work and all that good stuff during the week.

I went to the store and they advised that the sim card would cost me $20.00 and then an additional $20.00 to have the information transferred to the new one from the old one. So i refused the new sim and tried it on 2 other tmobile phones that i had and i had no issues on these phones so in conclusion it was the phone that they had sent me.

I called back to the t mobile tech support and advised and they wanted me to do more trouble shooting and i refused and demanded a new phone be sent to me. They agreed and sent out a phone. The phone they sent me is a used phone and it works worse than the first one i received.

My point is that i paid for a new phone and i have not received a phone that works properly yet. I don't think i should have to settle for a used phone seeing how i called in from day 1 on the new phone.

On top of that this same month i called in and advised that i was going on a cruise and that i needed to know how the rate would work on this cruise. The rep asked where i was going and i told him to the Bahamas and Cococay. He told me that the cost would be $2.99 a min. I received my bill and it was $322.00 instead of the normal $118.00 a month. The charges were $5.99 a min and they charged me for roaming and texting after i was told by tmobile it was included in my plan.

How do people get away with this. What is a person to do??? Advise smb!

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  • Ke
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    T-Mobile tries to hide behind every bush they can to avoid replacing a phone. 99% of the time when they replace a phone, it's with a refurbished phone. The only way you can almost guarantee a new phone is going to a store and watching the reps open a box in front of you. I've had more problems with Tmobile phones (mostly ones that have MP3 players/Memory Card Slots) than I've had with any other electric devices. It's more of a hassle when you have a Sidekick/Blackberry type data devices because they require you to send them back first and they'll either fix them or send you a refurbished one (where other problems are most likely going to arise) They told me they wanted me to pay $20 dollars to ship me out another SideKick Slide, on top of the price of gas to get to the post office and the price of the shipping back the defective unit. If you complain about that issue enough they should waive the fee for you esp if you mention that you are going to go to another provider because you are having so many issues with THEIR units and are given so much of a hassle to get repaired or replaced and the lack of service quality.

    All I know is that I've had tmobile for 2 years and when I get my tax return in March/April, I'm going to cancel my service (unfortunately a whopping $600) plus the last months service :-(and go with Verizon.

    They are trying to make up for poor service quality with the hype over new phones like the BlackberryPearl 8220 flip phone, the HTC Dream (not official name yet) and the TMobile Android (not official name either) that are all expected to be available by year end. This is kinda like a suck-up to the public for crappy services. Don't know if it'll work or not tho.

  • Xt
      24th of Jan, 2009
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    I agree whole heartedly and have had similar experence with TMobile. I entered into a contract with them for a Sidekick - Internet (texting only) for my grand daughter. Problems began within two months. From the service plan being changed to Cell phone and changes of 0ver $300. for text messages. I expected TMoble to investigate how this could happen. No calls made during that time... So it certainly wasn't my grand daughter! But settled for a credit.

    Then the Sidekick stopped working - Power issues. The phone was taken to local Tmoble centers. Charger replaced. Was told that the device had water damage. If the device was not dropped in a puddle, sink or other pool of water. I needed an explanation of how this could happen.

    I'm at the point my credit (current Score 800) is being jepardized by this one internet only account.

    The Customer Service experience really depends upon who is at the other end. While I had to call numerous times to get changes removed while the Sidekick was unservicable, on two occasions the young ladies were quite helpful. However, on two other occasions, I was treated very disrespectfully. My questions were ignored and the Customer Care persons acted like collection agents verses dealing with the ongoing equipmenr issues. a reasonable company would offer equipment options and not threats to charge you for the remainder of the contract.

    I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years. Had thought about moving to TMoble until these issues unfolded.

    I'd love to hear from other Sidekick customers...

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