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T-Mobile / hotspot scam!

1 United States

Copy of Email to T-Mobile:

Dear T-Mobile,

I recently discovered that I am being charged $39.99/month for two T-mobile accounts, one that I use (username: mrzebhogan) and one that I have not used since Jan 2005 (username: zeb555). The "zeb555" was used for one month, from Dec 2004-Jan 2005.

The “zeb555” account was created at a time when month to month accounts with T-mobile were deactivated after one month of use unless the subscriber paid for another month). When T-mobile changed their policy and began charging subscribers for month to month plans, I signed up for a new account using the username "mrzebhogan", with the understanding that the "zeb555" was deactivated. However, "zeb555" was not deactivated and in fact T-mobile has been charging me $39.99 for that account for the past 19 months, though I have not logged on since Jan 2005 and I am an active user of another account in my name, using the same email address and credit card.

As a result, I have been charged over $700 over the past 2 years for an account that I did not know that I had and that I have not used. In addition, as a loyal T-mobile customer, I have paid T-mobile several hundred additional dollars for an account that I do use (and I do not dispute those charges).

I called T-mobile customer service and they told me that they cannot refund past 60 days. This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to me (since this would be a refund of $80, while I was charged over $700). As an excuse, T-mobile representative told me that it is my responsibility to monitor my bank account to make sure that I am not being overcharged.

I travel much of the year. While it is possible for me to monitor my bank accounts on occasion, I do not look at them regularly. Moreover, when I did happen to see the two T-mobile charges on my account, they usually came a day apart (on the 23rd and 24th of each month) so when I looked at my account I simply thought that I was being charged for one month on the 23rd and the second month of the 24th. It wasn’t until both charges came on the same day that I realized that something was amiss.

Your policy of blaming customers and systematic overcharging is very poor business practice. After all, I am and continue to be a loyal T-mobile subscriber! I’ve told all my friends about this and they can’t believe it! They’ve all urged me to close my account immediately and file a complaint. Still, simply closing my account is not a satisfactory resolution to this problem – I don’t want to close my account. I would like to remain with T-mobile and I would like a $700 refund.

Thank you,
Zeb Hogan


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