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T-Mobile / incorrect invoices and harassment based on incorrect billing statements

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Fax: [protected]
Very important*****very important*****very important
Attention: robert dotson, president and chief executive officer
Re: xxx-xxx-xxxx (last final notice )
Account: tsukada, lourdes
Date: october 13th, 2008
Dear mr. dotson,
Mr. dotson, attached are bills which have been submitted over, and over again. as you will notice, the dates are in consecutive order and barely enough time to even get a corrected bill before notices of late payments (which is incorrect), automated calls stating i was late with payments and the last bill – “final notice” before sent to collections”.

It is disappointing to find the inference, suggested by ms. young via telephone, the shipping charges were for “equipment i had ordered”. these allegations were once again completely unsubstantiated. therefore, for the record, the details of all “shipping charges” for equipment “i ordered” is listed below for my “record to be intact” and for you to observe the assumptions and continuous phone calls to my home and un-sub stationed notices in the mail.
1. 8/9/08 with kyle of level iii, another cell would be sent out without shipping charges of $10.84 would not be charged
2. 8/15/08 with eric and then rebecca cell again defective and another cell would be sent out to me without any shipping charges to be added to my bill (order# [protected]) – mind you this is the 3rd replacement). the defective cell was to be dropped off at the nearest t-mobile retail store – which was done. this confirmation of not charges on shipping was also confirmed with kevin.
now here is a “history of statements” provided in chronological orders, so you may observe the amount of follow through and headaches your company has caused and again, unfounded inferences.
1. bill of $102.72 which had a due date of september 24, 2008 was received by me on 9/16/08. a phone call was placed with t-mobile customer service and a question arose on the shipping charges reflected on the invoice. a letter was faxed to your hq, whereby after the receipt of the fax to your office, ms. young left a message stating, the afore mentioned, (i.e. items ordered by me. within the message, her message indicated and led to believe, the shipping charges would be credited and the final bill would be to the amount of $75.54. her voice mail also indicated these were removed as a “courtesy”. as you may imagine, most consumers do expect a corrected invoice and normally wait in the mail so as to pay and show evidence the amount paid is correct. this avoid futures misunderstandings with payees.
2. on october 5th, 2008 i received an invoice with a “past due” inference and the amount of $75.54 was confirmed within the letter. in the meantime, numerous automated telephone calls were being received on my voicemail at home stating the bill was past due.
3. on october 7th, 2008, a statement was received with a “past due” notice. as you will notice the date indicated on this is september 30th, 2008. as you will notice the due date for the previous bill was indicated as september 24th – and the date for this statement is not even 4 business days later. nevertheless, a payment was made on october 7th and posted, by my bank, as completed on october 8th, 2008.
4. on october 9th, 2008, another invoice for $75.54 was received stating indicating “this is your final notice and the next step would be collections.” again, notice the date of the october 6th, 2008!!!

Mr. dotson based on the history transactions and results listed below, you may concur with me, an invoice reflecting the corrected amount is the minimum any consumer would wait for before generating a payment.

1. past history of the phone calls back and forth
2. the nightmares of the defective cell phones
3. major mess ups with my laptop
4. erasing of my contacts several times from my cell phone

in this case even more when the past history is so nebulous and plenty of cause for a consumer to have the assurances the transactions, credits and follow-ups to complaints are posted with clear evidence to the consumer (i.e. paper). a simple telephone message by ms. young stating an amount, is not sufficient evidence the matter has been properly handled.

I would also your cooperation in verifying the information prior to hassling consumers with unwarranted phone calls and automated invoices for “incorrect transaction histories”.
Mr. dotson, it is unfortunate; the experiences are still negative with t-mobile and evidenced once again with the final transaction. these types of experiences are the ones which alienates consumers vs. building loyal consumers. as can be evidenced with the current market crisis, excellent customer service is the driving force in today’s market which builds loyalty to a company.
All cooperation to finalize and put to rest on this matter are appreciated. i would also request this matter of “resolution and final closure” be put in writing. it is an unfortunate request i make now, yet based on the past history, this is unavoidable.

I appreciate your cooperation and look forward to receiving the finalized confirmation in writing from t-mobile.

Lourdes tsukada
Cc: cole brodman (chief technology and innovation officer); brian kirkpatrick(executive vice president and chief financial officer); dave miller (senior vice president and general counsel); susan nokes (chief customer and operations officer); neville ray (senior vice president, engineering operations); manuel sousa (senior vice president and chief people officer); rob strickland (senior vice president and chief information officer)

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  • Re
      27th of Jun, 2009

    I have been a T-mobile customer for 4yrs. THEY SUCK ! I HATE being HARRASSED by their computer calling my cellphone at random times, including early in the morning and late in the evening.

    The "service" is marginal and overpriced, it takes 15 minutes or more "on hold" to get a human being on the phone, but --

    I'm calling them tomorrow, and giving them 1 week to decide if they want me to keep paying these damned HIGH BILLS of $80 or $90 for the very SMALL amount of time I spend on the the phone.

    If they refuse to insure that I will not be CONTINUALLY HARASSED SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY if my payment of the bill is late

    I'm quitting them.

    [censored] t-mobile.

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