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On Friday, October 3, 2008, I applied for an account online, stating that I wished to port my mobile number from Sprint to T-Mobile. The T-Mobile website obtained all kinds of information from me, including billing information, my driver’s license number, and other sensitive information. Shortly after completing the enrollment procedure, T-Mobile sent me an email stating that I needed to call so that they could get more information from me. When I called, I was told that T-Mobile needed additional information, including my social security number so that a credit check could be processed.

I had no problems with your Customer Service department at this point. I understand that you needed additional information from me to run a credit check; that is perfectly understandable. However, when I received my phone the next day, I had SEVERAL SEVERE problems with customer service representatives.

When I received my phone, I received no instructions as to how to activate my phone. I was not given an account number, neither when I setup my account online, nor when I received my phone. Since people who called my phone number were still being sent to my old phone, I knew that T-Mobile had not automatically ported my phone number. So, I called Customer Service.

The first representative hung up on me. So, I called back. The second representative asked for my account number. I didn’t have an account number, so she put me on hold and then hung up on me. So, I called back once again, in a very angry mood. The third representative tried her best. She could not lookup my information by the information that I had already given T-Mobile (the number I wished to port, my ssn, etc.), nor was she able to lookup my information by the order number that T-Mobile provided me. So, she had to re-collect all my information and setup an account from scratch.

The lack of basic understanding by customer service representatives and problems with how the T-Mobile computer systems are setup caused me to waste over three hours of my day. When I ported my phone number FROM T-Mobile to Sprint last year, the whole process only took 30 minutes. Needless to say, I am not happy with my T-Mobile experience.

I am also very disturbed that none of the information T-Mobile collected about me (including my social security number, my driver’s license number, etc.) was not in the system.
I am concerned that T-Mobile's data collection practices are sloppy and have been compromised. Why wasn't the information collected both online and via phone in the system? Bad news for me, I'm sure. I only hope they'll tell me when someone has hacked out my personal information.


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    Jack Apr 02, 2008

    Please do NOT ever sign up for T-Mobile. I consistently pay $150 per month (double my service plan). I'd appalling that they charge $0.35 per minute for calls! I could call Europe from a payphone for that f-ing price.

    I've been stuck with these scam artists for two years due to contracts. You better believe the day my contracts ends, i'm moving on.

    On top of the ridiculous charges, their service representatives are rude, unhelpful, and unforgiving. Not the way a company should do business in my opinion.

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    Michelle Williams Jun 05, 2008

    After being a loyal customer of T-Mobile for over four years, I am ending my loyalty based on the rude and irreversible experience with them this June, 2008.

    A phone which my brother had purchased and then changed his mind on, was shipped to me at my PO Box. I refused the shipment as I was instructed to do and then waited, and waited. Only to find that the
    phone had been sitting in the US Postal Office and not returned as I had thought. (That is the separate issue with our postal service.)

    The phone was finally returned to T-Mobile, the box had never been opened, the phone never used, never even looked at. Then after paying for my actual phone and data services, T-Mobile was requiring me to pay for this phone that they had just received back. Instead of refunding my bill for the full amount which is $214.00, they are asking me to pay this amount, now, that's right, after I do not have the phone at all!

    My phone service has been disconnected by them for nonpayment of this phantom phone. Yesterday, I spoke with 4 reps at T-Mobile, one of whom named Gabriel, (they are not allowed to give last names) hung up on me. I never used profanity, did not raise my voice, etc. I simply asked if there was someone else of authority who could help me. No one was there that could help me, of course. I was informed that this was the T-Mobile policy, even though this was the first time I had heard about this policy.

    What is most irritating, aside from being so rudely treated, is that real customer service is a thing of the past. You are not right anymore, by any means. You, as a customer, seem to have no real value as a single unit in the big sea of consumers. And customer loyalty is no longer deemed valuable or necessary. Unfortunately, I still have a glimmer of hope that maybe one of their competitors will offer me this and renew my hope. I certainly hope so.

    I do still believe in staying with a great product or service for the long haul, if they are good and consistent. For instance, I have been a member of Bally' s Total Fitness for 20 years now, that's right, 20 years. So, when I do find a good one, I stick with them.

    But, I now will not recommend T-Mobile to anyone based on my experiences. In fact, I will do the opposite, and will warn anyone who is ready to contract with them not to do it. Hopefully they will change, but I doubt that very much.

    So, today I will shop around for a new service provider. I hope I will actually get service, the good and loyal and consistent kind, that is what I am paying for after all.

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    savannah Jun 21, 2008

    3 years ago me and my family signed up for t-mobile. We all thought that it was a good idea. We were all so excited but then it all changed.

    My mom had put me on kid connect while they had a different plan. I would always get free minutes after 9 at night. After a year, i stopped getting that. We call t-mobile and they said that I was never getting free minutes after 9 at night. So that made us mad.

    Whenever me, mom, or my step dad is somewhere, our phones seem like they have their own mind. Everyone has all signal bars and is chatting and texting away while we just sit there. We never have any signal bars.

    On my kid connect plan I was supposed to get 200 minutes a month and share them between calling and texting. But, instead i got 50 minutes a month. My contract is for 2 years and they said if I broke my contract, by getting a different cell service, we would have to pay a fine of $2000.00.

    We all can not wait to get rid of t-mobile becuase they are not the right company for us.

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  • Li
    Linda Mercado Sep 14, 2008

    I ordered a phone from tmi wireless six months ago, roughly, and it was delivered, according to the fed ex people, on the porch of my house. Well my house does not have a porch for one. I called tmi wireless and notifide them that I never received the phone and I also called tmoble because I was told to call them too. About a month and a half later I received a bill for $600 and some dollars after I was told that it was going to be taken care off. They even send out two more lines out to us to replace the one we never received. At this time I was told that a fraud form was going to be filled out and a check was made on the numbers called on the missing line and my current lines and they found out they did not match yata yata yata. After this I moved. Recently I had my tmobile dash stolen so I had to replace it with another phone and so I did. After I spent money on new equipmet I went to add a line to my contract, for my daugther, and I was told that I could not beacuse I had a high balance. I called again and my current acount had a credit of $21 but the missing phone bill was still on there and now it was $800. I called again and T-MOBILE said they where going to do a fraud check again beacuse they had nothing that said they ever did one. Five days later I called back and and they said that the check came back and that the carges had to be payed by me. On a phone that I never received and I told the person that I wanted them to transfer me to another person that could nelp me and she got very rude and long story short they interupted my service until I pay this bill. I work hard and keep my bills up to date but I refuse to pay for something I did not do. And in fact something that I reported from day one. That phone should have been disconected and those calls would have never been made. I dont know if this will help but I'll get it of my chest.

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  • An
    anysia Oct 07, 2008

    I have gone through terrible service with tmobile myself! I called time and time again for customer service and no one knows what the heck is going on there, first of all you talk to a different person everytime also they tried to charge me more than i had to pay for and suspended my account also then tried to charge me a reconection fee! All I was trying to do was drop a line and get on my own plan I am very unhappy with T Mobile! I got hung up on because i asked to talk to someone that I could understand that their accent was so thick I needed to talk to someone else. My request was polite and I appoligized for not being able to understand that person and they hung up on me for that!!!

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    CHRIS Oct 07, 2008

    I agree with the complaint against T Mobile I too set up an account with them to have my numbers ported over from ATT. I paid the extra $15 for overnight shipment and was told that when I recieved the phones was to call in to have the phones activated with the ported numbers. Well I recieved the phoned activated with the wrong numbers and an area code that was several states away from California which the area code was in Denver. I spoke with numerious supervisers in the activation department and was told one thing and then another. Never the same story twice. I was on the phone for about 20 hours trying to rectify the situation. Since it was the weekend I waited until Monday October 6, 2008 and called the corporate office directly in Bellevue Washington. This took a little investigation on my part as it is not in most public records. I got a hold of an executive in customer service. What happened was that the account I first set up was cancelled a new one opened temporary new numbers with correct area code assigned and when numbers ported would replace temporary numbers and neww SIM cards with the correct information programmed on to tehm were sent at corporate expense overnight with the SIM cards labeled what number temporary and then the ported number so that I could make sure the correct phone was assigned to the right person. Turns out the numbers ported over right away and the SIM cards were ready with the ported number already. The new SIM cards were sent October 6, 2008 since I spoke with him before 1 pm and I received them on October 7, 2008 less than 24 hours since my initial call to the corporate office. I will share the name of my contact phone number including direct number and email. this way then you can too go straight to the corporate office to situation fixed fast and no additional costs on your part. I was actually given credit equivalent to two months service. The Executive Customer Service Bryan Watson 1-877-290-6323 Ext 8029 email [email protected] just use attention Bryant Watson. Corporate number 1-425-378-4000. If for some reason that you are unable to get manner resolved at the corporate office then the next steps would be file complaints with Better Business Bureau www.BBB.org, contact the Attorney General in your state, call Federal Trade Commission FTC, Federal Communications Commission FCC, your state Public Utilities Commission office. Do not take CANT as an answer there is always DO and ways to get something done even if it is not the norm.

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    Sanra Nov 13, 2008

    I wrote the following email to the CEO of T-mobile today and received an appropriate response and solutions within 4 hours of sending it . . . .

    I am having quite a bit of difficultly maintaining faith in T-Mobile as a company. I upgraded to the G1 Bronze. The phone was overheating while actively used and the keyboard cover was not glued down all of the way making the buttons obnoxious to use. When I called the customer care line I was told I had to return the phone that day (11/11/08) in order to exchange it for a new phone. When I called back to provide the tracking number I was informed that the bronze phones are on back order until 11/24/08 and the black phones were the only ones available. Accepting this I went ahead and placed the order. I have no other phone because the handset I upgraded from died after having it barely 8 months, which I received after multiple handset exchanges from my original device. I am scheduled to go out of town first thing Monday morning (11/19/08) on business leaving my two small children behind. I have done my part in checking the delivery status, returning the G1 via express shipping, and consistently following up on the order status to be sure it exists. I spoke to 3 separate people who all told me that the order is pending and ready to ship express which will put the phone in my hands Saturday at the latest. I MUST have a phone come Monday. When I called to follow up this morning (after a final confirming no available tracking on the UPS site) I was told the other 3, not 1 but 3, people I spoke to, all using the same system, misinformed me and the G1 black is now on back order until the 24th of this month and the G1 bronze is not even available period. She gave me numbers for two t-mobile stores near me to call that provide a "loaner" program. There are no loaner phones available.

    I am doing my best to maintain patience in renewing my contract w/ T-Mobile and giving it one last shot but this is beyond unacceptable. I am constantly on the short end working with your equipment and staff, not to mention the countless hours trying to get a phone that works and is supported properly. I understand there is no control over faulty devices but I can't even count the number of handsets I have been through in the past year alone. I think it is around 7, if not more. If there indeed is no resolution I will find accurate, acceptable service elsewhere.

    I am certain that with comments such as; "I don't know why you were misinformed by all of those people…" and "We can't control the quality of handsets you have had previously…", I would me lose my job immediately. That is comparable to me telling one of my customers, "I'm sorry you fell through the floor in your newly remodeled home, but we don't control the quality of service provided, " and I don't have any contracted terms of agreement with my customers. Please let me know so I can do what I need to in order to leave town with a properly operating phone and peace of mind.

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  • Ho
    Holly B Aug 12, 2009

    I agree T-Mobile sevice is crappy. In december, 2008 t-mobile bought suncom out. I was with suncom for 6 years. I never had any problems with suncom, but when t-mobile took over I can hardly use my phone. I drop calls, I can not talk due to static, and breaking up. The person you are trying to talk to can't here you. I have called about 1 time per a week and got no where. And I have a tower not even 1/2 mile from me. I can even see it from my house.

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  • Rd
    rd5 Oct 18, 2009

    I reported a stolen phone this evening (16 Oct 09) that was delivered by UPS on 11 Sept .. ie to the door step like the others explained, and the representative was very helpful and plesant. He pulled the seriel number to the phone and did a quick search. He was able to share with me the phone had not be activiated - I guess they have a way of knowing what phone we are using. This was helpful because it confirmed #1 they phone was deliverd, #2 it was not signed for, #3 I have not used it which supports my claim that it was stolen, and #4 gave him enough information to submit a claim for reissue. He cited they would be back with me within 72 hours.

    All of my encounters, and I have 13 mobile lines, with T-Mob have been professional and helpful. Even during some difficult time by me questioning my bills in much detail. I left verizon after 10 years for bad service - T Mob has kept me as a faithful client because of their service. Perhaps you should speak to a shift manager next time this occurs? Sounds like an outlier type experience to me.

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  • Sc
    ScoobyDu Feb 28, 2011

    T-mobile customer service has been terrible in my experience. I ordered a prepaid phone and phone card from them. 2 days later and there was no information regarding a tracking number, and it said 'partial shipment' was sent. It didn't list the shipper, nor did it tell me what was being sent (the phone? the phone card?). Calls to T-mobile customer service were useless. They somehow couldn't tell me anything about my order. How is that possible? Called again the next day, same story. Shipping was supposed to be 2-4 days. On the 5th day, they still couldn't tell me where my order was. Then it showed up via UPS later on Friday. But, they hadn't shipped me a phone card (the ones with the prepaid minutes on that you need to use the phone). Figure okay I waited til Monday, still no phone card. Another call, another hapless T-mobile rep who didn't know anything. Then, UPS showed up again with a box. Great, I thought - here is the phone card at last. Not sure why it was such a large box. But wait ! It wasn't the card, it was ANOTHER phone! So now I had two phones, no phone card to use, and again I called Customer NOService. Finally someone admitted to me the 'warehouse was out of 100 dollar phone cards' which is why I didn't receive it. Wonderful. So I ask, will I get an email when they are back in stock so I know when I'll receive it? Yes, of course, said the rep. Fine. The next day, they left me a voice mail telling me my order has been canceled. I call again, and nobody knows when these mythical 100 phone cards will ever be in stock. So, I try to use the online feature to buy my 100 dollars of phone minutes. Well, I try to make the transaction, but the website then says "Sorry the site is experiencing an error currently". So I figure, okay, site is down today. So I try the next day. I get the SAME error. So then I call the 877 number to buy the 100 refill on the phone system. It suggests that I put in the last 4 digits of my ssn. When I refuse, it dumps me to on hold and 10 minutes later I get a rep who tells me "you have two pending transactions...I will transfer you to such and such service...tell them to cancel one transaction, and put the other through" Fine, 10 more minutes on hold, I get a guy on the phone, explain what the previous rep said. He's like fine, I'll cancel those and we can do the transaction now. I tell him, I do not wish to give up my last 4 digits of my ssn...its a big risk of my personal information. He immediately goes in to "[censor] mode" and finally I ask to talk to a supervisor. "There's no one to talk to". Umm gee thanks for lying to me you jerk..there is ALWAYS a supervisor. Then his story changes when I persist "well, the supervisor can't change our policy of getting the SSN". Fine, but I want to talk to him ANYWAY. He cuts me off and puts me on hold AGAIN. 10 more minutes and I get a lackadaisical supervisor who does't care about my myriad of complaints. He suggests I got to store to buy the pre-paid card. He couldn't tell me if any store had them in stock. Nor did he even offer to call a t-mobile store in my locale and find one for me. I'm about ready to ship my phone back to them and say forget it, as a matter of principle at this point, due to the LOUSY and HAPLESS customer service. I would NEVER buy a contract phone with this lousy company.

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  • Ke
    Kelly Lippold Apr 20, 2011

    T-Mobile will not listen to customers. I do not make overseas phone calls yet this company keeps charging me for these calls. Calls to companies that I do not do business with nor have any products that is claimed I called. I have since changed cell phone carriers, but do not appreciate being called a liar or accused of things I did not do.

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  • As
    AshleyC May 21, 2011

    T-Mobile is horrible! My boyfriend and I had a family plan and I cannot even begin to tell you the problems I have had with them, and we've been with them for UNDER a year! It got to the point where my boyfriend has already paid the early $200 cancellation fee and switched to Verizon last month. Not only that, but the service is horrible and I live close to Boston, Mass. You'd think that coverage would be awesome for someone living within ten miles of a major city would be pretty good. Not for me. Dropped calls constantly, missed calls due to no bars or service, and not only that but the phone I have, (MyTouch 3g) does nothing but freeze. I don't even try to use any apps or the internet on this phone because it will make me force close out of it, and then my phone will just shut off all of the sudden. I know that everything is pretty much 4g now, but it sucks that the customers that are still using 3g phones have to deal with this..and I'm all set paying 2-400 dollars for a new phone with a company that I do not plan on staying with. But here is my major gripe with T-Mobile. It started about four months ago... I went into T-Mobile to pay my bill (I always go into the store to pay cash now, because the one time I paid with a debit card, they automatically took the next months bill out without permission, and overcharged me about $150.. and never refunded me.. another long ### story) -so I went to pay my bill, which is due on the 1st, on the 3rd of the month. We were on vacation and came back the 3rd.. Well on the 2nd- at 12am- we noticed our phones had been shut off. I immediately called T-Mobile and asked them if they could restore the service until we returned the next day to Massachusetts.. they began to tell me that I could make the payment over the phone with my credit card. When I explained to them why I did not want to do that, they then told me I could go to a store in the morning (it is 12am at this time) and pay cash... after telling them I was on vacation they looked up where the closest store was to us.. about an hour and a half away!! She then proceeded to tell me that driving to this store would be my best bet. I was furious, as we had never been late with a payment, had usually paid early, and had clearly just forgotten to pay before leaving for vacation. Still adamant about not wanting to use my credit card, I said "FINE, I WILL WAIT UNTIL I GET BACK, THANKS FOR NOTHING" and hung up. We return from vacation on the 3rd- Go into T-Mobile, and explain to the guy at the counter what happened. He looks up the bill, and tells me I owe them $350.00 to turn our two lines on.. I ask why, as our bill is usually around $175 each month, and he tells me since we let our phones get shut off- we would have to pay that full amount of the past due balance, and the remaining balance of the new month. So I PAID FOR TWO MONTHS. I asked him- "okay, so I will not have to pay on the first of next month then correct? Since I am paying technically two months right now just to get our phones on.." He said that was correct. I said FINE- Extremely pissed off at this point, paid the bill and left. Next month comes around... the 2nd. WHAT DO YOU KNOW. OUR PHONES ARE OFF. I immediately call T-Mobile, explain what has happened- they tell me they have no record of me paying any amount of $350. I LOSE IT. I tell them they've made a mistake. I get hung up on. I call them back- they keep asking me how I would like to make a payment to restore service.. I tell them the same story- get hung up on. Drive to the store- Speak with the manager- He tells me I never paid this, and asks for my receipt. I don't have the receipt (my fault obviously but how did I know this was going to happen) I tell him to check the tapes from that day bc I know what I paid. I have my boyfriend go into the store with me, we go at a later time- the same kid is working who took our money last month.. I tell him whats going on, he continues to tell me that I did not pay him that much- and until I pay them another 173.00 my phone will not be turned on. I storm out. I think the kid pocketed the remainder of the $$ and only put in that I paid one month. I still to this day think this is what happened. After 2 more days of hassle, getting hung up on, talking to managers, being asked to leave their store.. searching for HOURS for that god damn receipt- I finally pay the bill.. my boyfriend pays the $200 to cancel his line, and he goes to Verizon. They of course failed to tell us had he waited to cancel, the fee would have only been $100 the following month bc we would have been with the company a year. I have since then gone to Metro PCS and am letting everyone know how bad T-Mobile scammed me. I do not care what anyone says- I paid that kid the $350 cash and he either stole the ###in money, or a magical fairy flew into the register at night and stole it.. Either way- T-Mobile is horrible. Their phones are horrible.. and the way they treat their customers is horrible. I was a loyal customer to Verizon for 5 years, and probably would have been the same with T-Mobile..I left Verizon bc I just didnt want to pay their crazy plan prices once they started going up.. but I wish I had just stayed. SCREW YOU T-MOBILE.

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  • Br
    Britt882 Jun 10, 2011

    I also agree that T mobile is horrible. I am 23 and am stuck with a a 730 dollar bill because of them.In april of this year i went into the store to look at phones because mine was broken and the guy in the store told me i would be able to upgrade on april 20th, he never mentioned when my contract was up so I just assumed it to be in April. So when that date rolled around, i was set to purchase a new phone the sidekick 4g, so i get to the register the salesman tells me I cant purchase it because I had an outstanding balance of 200 that needed to be paid. I was not working at the time so I wasnt able to pay it. I called customer service asking if they could do something for me because my phone was physically not working, I couldnt text couldnt receive or make calls, but they wouldnt do anything for me. So I made the decision to switch to At&t. Little did I know that i broke my contract with tmobile by 20 days...since the salesman never told me this information. So now I am up to 420 that I owe. I talked to 3 different associates who told me that my grand total that I owed was 428. A week later..i get a surprise bill in the mail for 738! At this point I am infuriated...so I call customer service back...I get a rude woman who tells me they are charging me for the months of may and june even though i cancelled their service. She refused to put me on a payment plan and threatened that it would go into collections if it wasnt paid by the end of June. All I gotta say is I hate tmobile and hope they go out of business VERY SOON>

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    Brenda Newell Aug 26, 2011

    Your company is making me run with this!
    TO: 3 More3 recipientsCC: 3 recipientsYou 3 More
    Hide Details FROM:Brenda Newell TO:[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] CC:[email protected] [email protected]om [email protected] Message flagged Friday, August 26, 2011 3:02 PMMessage bodyTo whom ever will listen,
    I shared an acct. with my daughter an she informed me yesterday that we were about to go over on minutes with our cells. I am the acct. holder so they told her I would need to call and add extra even thou she is authorized to make changes to acct. So ok I call in and I'm told the plan we are on does not allow for this and told we would need to change to another plan, Rep says she will get me something better for around the same money since that is a concern of mine. So while on my home # I call my daughter on cell and inform her since her acct. also and she is not happy. But while on the phone with both the rep says with our old plan we could not get any discounts but new plan would allow discounts on new cells which I could care less about, but huge selling point with my daughter. Since last year she had to pay full price for her cell and now she is looking to get a new cell for the video calls since her and her boyfriend are in the military and he is in Hawaii this made her jump on board. But when she tried to look into a new cell was informed the plan we were put into also did not allow for this. So I call in and figure this was a mistake but am informed not a mistake, no discounts on new cells with plan we were placed in. I am not happy since that was reps selling point to us and main reason for going into it. I request to speak with a supervisor because I do not think it's right to mislead people. Pritty much supervisor says the same and all she will do for me is switch us back. I feel the company should have issued a discount for a phone for my daughter since it was what we were told. So I inform supervisor that I am not wanting to be with this company due this. So I request a manager and while on hold she comes back on and says she does not have a manager available but she was in the process of switching me back which I informed her that I did not give her permission to do so and to please leave my acct. alone at this time til I speak with a manager. Which she did. About a half hour later I get a call from a Steven whom I did not feel was a manager. I missed the call since I went to the restroom and he left a message just stating to call back into call center, which I felt was not very professional and should have given me a number to call him back or he could have tried me back. So I again have to call in and in the mean time my daughter is so angry that when she got out of work went to local t-mobile and got her own acct. with a new # and a discounted new cell and was told at office that she could have me call in and do a change of responsability and cancel my acct. & bring my # to her acct. So that is what I requested and was told my daughter would need to call in and do the change of responsability since it was her new acct. before they could cancel my acct. to get my # switched to hers. So she call in and is told that I have to cancel my acct. first before they can do the change of responsability. So then I'm told they will first need to switch my acct. back to old plan and cancel the plan with the 2 yr. contract that I was put into earlier in the day and a supervisor would need to do this. So I am told they would have a supervisor do so and call me back. So at 10:00pm last night I am still calling in 3 more times and told that a supervisor should be doing this as week speak and to just wait for a text and then call back in and cancel my acct. So in the end no one ever did anything last night and I get to start again this morning. So I call in and a rep had a supervisor change me back and rep says she had to now cancel my acct. due to the plan I had and the new plan my daughter got did not allow for my cell # to just be switched over. In the meantime the rep says she needs to speak with my daughter to get the ok for moving # to her new acct. My daughter ok's it and also calls me and says she is also on with another rep and that everything is allset with the change of responsability and I would not loose my # but would have to get a temporary # for 24 - 48 hours til my 978-804-0030 was switched over, which for the 3 time a rep is also telling me same on my call. I had also cancelled my daughters old # 978-394-8425. So I call my daughter a couple hours ago and ask her if they gave her my temp # and she could not remember them giving it to her. So I have to call in again and ask if they have a temp # for me yet and they check and said one was never set up on my daughters new acct. and that I would have to wait 60 days in order to get my #. I now have requested a manager to call me back since I was on the phone again with a superivor and was told no one could do anything for me. He was Timothy B. id 4836213 so I requested to speak with a manager and was lied to and transferred to his coach Tyler id 4836072 which did not make me very happy at this point and was also told the company does not have an Executive Office # by both of them. He has assured me that he put through a request for his manager Veronica M. to call me back within 72 hours. Which I have explained that I live alone with my 6 yr old and do not know anyone since I am still new to Arizona and need my cell. I just can not believe that this company had to put me and my daughter through this. Your company has given us so much incorrect information and I was trying to suck it up since we have no choice. But seriously the hoops that T-Mobile has put me and my daughter through and the company just acks like your doing us a favor.
    I do plan to foward this e-mail to anyone I can find in hopes that someone out thier might agree that it is uneccessary to put people through this.

    Thank you for the time it took you to read this,
    Brenda Newell
    My daughter Kayla Boisvert

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  • Di
    dissatisfied to the max Sep 24, 2012

    I’ve been a faithful customer of T-Mobile for six years and our contract is up in August of 2013. Lately the customer service has been very poor and they’ve been very unaccommodating . I’ve called numerous times and have spoken with numerous people and it’s been a very unprofessional experience. The customer service reps and managers have been very rude. My nieces phone has been dropping calls, battery life is poor, etc. and I decided to take the time to read reviews on the phone. It turns out that the phone has been poorly reviewed by numerous people. All have had the same issues.

    On 9/20/12 I spoke to a few customer service reps asking what some of our options were. They said they could offer a discount for one month but that was it. I told them that that wasn’t good enough that we’ve had major issues with the phone and we’ve also had major issues with customer service not being flexible and providing good service. I told them that because of the repeated issues that I’d like out of the contract without paying the $200 early termination fee. They said that it was not an option at all. So I said that was fine, can you please provide us with an upgraded phone? She then said that we could have the same phone. At that point I said we don’t want the same phone as it’s not a stable and solid phone. That after being a good faithful customer for 6 years, the least they could do, if they didn’t want to terminate the contract was offer a better phone free of charge. They would not budge what so ever. They said that she could upgrade the phone at full price. To me, unacceptable. WHY would we want a phone that we know is faulty? Why should we have to pay for a better phone? I asked to speak with a manager and he gave the same answer. I told them that I was going to contact the BBB and notify all family and friends of the horrible issues that we’ve had with T Mobile. He was very uncaring and said “you can do as you please mam.” I couldn’t believe the lack of respect and the lack of caring and professionalism. At that point I turned very aggressive and said that their behavior along with being inflexible is not acceptable that I want SOMETHING done! I asked to please lower the service to the lowest possible and they said the best they could do was $25 without tax a month. I said fine and let them go because I was so drained at that point. I had been transferred to and talked to so many people and each time had to explain the whole situation over again. Very tiring. After I figured out the cost to continue the term of the contract it came to $275 which cost more than the $200 to cancel. They really tried to get one over on me and I don’t appreciate that. I called back and explained what happened and at this point even more upset I demanded to just be let off of the contract. Even with all that happened they wouldn’t allow it. I then asked for a copy of the contract that I signed six years ago and they said that they don’t have that as they only have actual contracts on file for 3 years. That I’d have to read the terms and conditions online. The terms and conditions online are not the same as the terms and conditions from 6 years ago as I’m certain that things have changed over the years. I said that if they couldn’t provide me a copy of the terms and conditions that I signed six years ago that the contract cannot be considered legally binding. They agreed but still would not let me out of the contract. I then was beyond upset. How can this be fair? They STILL didn’t budge. After they tried to get one over on me and then not able to provide a contract I said fine. I’m going to file a complaint with the BBB and to please put the services back to what they were. They confirmed that they would.

    On 9/21/12 my niece went to use her internet, etc. and the services were disconnected. After all I had been through yesterday they did not restore the original services that I had requested.

    I called again yesterday morning (9/23/12) to advise them of this and explained my frustration once again. Finally got to a manager that I thought was compassionate, FINALLY. This person offered a refurbished upgrade to my niece without having to extend the warranty and that he would even include shipping free of charge. He gave me a few phones to choose from and to take my time and not rush into it. I told him that I’m grateful and that I’d like to take a moment to research the phones and I’ll call back. He mentioned that I could even go to a store and test the phones out. I asked him if everything was noted in there system because when I call back I really hope to not have to explain myself over again. He said that everything was noted and that anyone I spoke to when I called back would be able to assist me. Well, guess what? After doing the research which took me less than an hour and calling back within less than an hour the representative that I spoke with on the phone told me a totally different story. Said that what I was offered is not something T-Mobile can do and the only way she can get a refurbished phone (not even a new one) was to renew the contract. I explained to him that I was offered something totally different to please refer to his notes. He kept saying over and over I’m sorry but this is what we CAN do for you. Nothing offered by the person I spoke with earlier. I asked him to please transfer me to the other person that I spoke with that offered the original offer and he said he couldn’t do that but he could offer me a phone at this price, etc. I said can you at least tell me the name of the person that I spoke with and he did. I then asked again to please transfer me to this gentleman so we can move forward with what I was promised. He said that wasn’t doable and AGAIN offered me another phone at a new price. I kept telling him of the situation. That I was offered a refurbished phone that would be free after mail in rebate and that shipping would be free of charge and no renewal in contract necessary. He again said that’s not possible. I asked since he could not switch me to the person I spoke with and things weren’t noted in the system as they were promised that I would take any manager at that point. He proceeded to tell me that he couldn’t do that. I told him again, this if fine. Once again restore services back to what I asked for last week and I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

    So here I am. An emotionally drained customer of having to explain myself numerous times to people, to finally getting someone who was willing to budge a little to this. It has been a nightmare to say the least. I really at this point, due to the horrible customer service and issues I’ve had is to just be let out of my contract without paying the penalty. Or offered a free NEW phone without having to renew our contract with shipping included. Not a refurbished phone. It’s the LEAST that T-Mobile can do to try and keep a customer. If not, I’d like out of the contract. I’ve read online numerous horror stories about T-Mobile and with the experience that I’ve had lately, I have to agree. It’s the worst I’ve seen. I want what I’ve asked for or I want out of the contract.

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  • Aj
    ajbigs Sep 24, 2012

    P.S. Next time read the contractual information before purchasing a refurbish phone! You want T-Mobile to be responsible for your mistake for not checking out the phone and contractual agreement YOU signed. Rules are rules and every business has them. If I were T-Mobile, I certainly wouldn't want to keep you has a customer, non-readers cost companies millions every day!

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  • Di
    dissatisfied to the max Sep 25, 2012

    Um, excuse me. You obviously didn't read the entire message and took snippets of what you wanted to understand/remember. I have not purchased a refurbished phone. I was OFFERED a refurbished phone free of charge without haveing to extend the contract due to the fact that my nieces phone is so screwed up. When I called back to move forward with this they had no notes in the system so the person that I spoke with would not offer me what I was originally promised. Re READ the entire comment before calling me a non-reader. I would have to say that you're the NON-READER, not I. What a ###!

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  • Di
    dissatisfied to the max Sep 25, 2012

    Oh and P.S. You probably work for T-Mobile. Please don't post comments on my complaint without READING and knowing the entire story first. You sound exactly like someone who would work there. Stay off of here, please. You're wasting my time and energy.

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  • Di
    dissatisfied to the max Sep 26, 2012

    Again...you guys really don't read do ya? I said a REFURBISHED phone that needed to be paid up front with a small rebate! It wasn't entirely free. Again, please read the entire post before you comment, please. I'm drained of coming to a site that I came to file a complaint about my issue and having to repeat myself here is just as bad as T-Mobile customer service.

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  • Na
    NanaJean Nov 26, 2012

    I had T-Mobile for 11 years until 10/15/12. Their service in our area is sketchy, at best, but I put up with it. Last month I decided to switch cell phone service providers. Everything went well...phone number switched over to new carrier. However, I have now received a bill for the billing period of 10/15 thru 11/14. It seems that I was one day into the new billing cycle when I switched carriers. T-Mobile will not budge. I called and spoke with a person who has memorized scripts and kept repeating that I should review their terms and conditions that say that going into the next billing period...EVEN BY ONE DAY...makes the customer responsible for the entire next billing cycle's fees, etc. Unfortunately, I had been paying my monthly bill through their EASY PAY method which is an auto debit from a bank account. So, if I stop the payment, wonderful, customer service oriented T-Mobile will submit the failure to pay to the credit reporting agencies. I guess I am screwed whatever I decided to do. I told the CS rep, it isn't wise to piss off old ladies because we tell our friends, our kids and our grandkids.

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  • Vi
    victor m. Jan 13, 2013

    i have tmobile and it is the worst serves i have ever had i some times never have serves in my house or in stores every time i call someone they cant hear me or i cant hear them and i all ways hear static when i call someone i regret having tmobile they have tooken more money out of my bank acount then when i told them to take out one payment they did not listen to what i said if eny one reads this comment dont ever get tmobile dont even have second thought about it dont even belive the thing that come out in tv that they are the best because they are not!!!.

    2 Votes
  • Tm
    TMO Manager Mar 09, 2013

    Hello, I am a TMO Customer Service Supervisor and I am here to tell you SHUT UP AND QUIT YOUR WHINING! If you don't like TMO then take your damn business elsewhere--WE DON'T CARE.

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  • De
    Deborah Buchanan Aug 13, 2013

    On June 29, 2013 I sent my phone back to T-Mobile because of a bad battery. The Customer Service Representative asked me to send the phone back with the battery. 17 days later I receive my phone back without a battery. I called C.S. and they wanted to know why I sent the battery back. I told them it was the battery that was defective. They then told me they would send my battery back to me. I asked if they were sending back the same battery and they said "yes". I told them I didn't want the same battery back, it doesn't work. They told me they were sending another battery to me. They said it would take 7-10 days. Today is August 13, 2013 and I still have not received a battery. I called once again to be told by Stanley C. that they were going to file a claim AGAIN. He gave me a tracking number for the battery, which was not for the battery, but for the phone. Stanley C. is supposed to be a supervisor, he thinks I am stupid and I don't understand when they are telling me a big fat story. They keep repeating the same song and dance over and over. I don't want to be told the same thing I was told 26 days ago. Just send me a battery, is that so difficult... And, I want a credit for not having my phone since June 29, 2013. Deb B.

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  • Sa
    Sandy78 Jun 26, 2014

    Well, i recently came to a point where i am paying partial payments about $100. a week. I made my arrangements. Well come to find out the last payment was logged in incorrectly and because they did this it cancelled my phone . For $180.83, I said really the arrangement is there set up i don't know why the last payment was set up wrong. After talking with customer service, finical department and supervisors Ruth # 22088 and Ugenia #107907 all said they couldn't restore my line because i owed $180.83, when there customer service did it wrong.
    Ugh, I was on the phone for a good 3 hours to only be told there policy change and even though my payment is set up, it cant be restored because it was cancelled, I SAID WOW, who cancelled it they said they did. I SAID SO YOU COULDN'T Call me . I have been with T Mobile since 2006 and now that this happened I' ll look for a new provider .
    You know; I have never seen such horrible customer service until now.
    Shame on You T- Mobile Staff. FYI - this is why your losing business, I know this because All my family which is 13 of us, only 2 have T Mobile, AND NOW I'LL BE CHANGING IT.

    Sandy G

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  • Ch
    Cherylblevins Aug 29, 2015

    The customer service from T-MOBILE are bad. They are nasty, ignorant, disgusting in their attitudes in how to treat customers on the phone. They take way too long on the phone and they are like taking a coffee breaks while on the phone .And connecting to other departments is all wrong .They do not know what they are doing .And they need to take manners in how to treat customers with respect.

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  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    I had T-Mobile 2002-2004, and I had an extraordinary large number of dropped calls. I let my contract run out, then disconnected by service. I ended up getting 3 "final" bills. I paid each one. When I got the third "final bill", I called customer service and complained. Customer service was very nice on the phone, and she assured me that this would be the last final bill. A month later, I got another "final bill" for $30. I was so mad that I did not pay this one. I never heard another word from them until 3 years later I was turned over to a collection agency. Now the bill is $300 because of interest.

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  • Ch
    Christine V Jul 05, 2016

    They are worse now in 2016. I think they are getting too arrogant, since they have been able to gain more customers from other carriers due to price. After being with T-mobile for 12 years Iam leaving them. Their customer service is horrible, incompetent, rude. I moved from a personal account to a business account in March and asked them to close my personal account. Still has not been done, everytime I call they say its all done, I should wait for the next bill it will show all the adjustments. Its not the old T-mobile I know and frankly I have had enough. Good bye and good luck. We need more competition.

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