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I upgraded my cell phone from a Razr to a T-Mobile Dash this pass September and yesterday it was stolen. I called up T-Mobile for support and was informed that I have to pay an insruance deductable fee of $130.00. When I purchased the phone from the T-Mobile website, it was on sale. It was $150.00 with a $50 mail in rebate. With that also, I was told that my contract will be extented for 2 more years. I pay a monthly fee of $129.00/month family package. I have 3 lines, 700 minutes/month, mobile to mobile, nights & weekends with unlimited text. I have been with T-Mobile since 2005 and have had their "protection plan" ever since and the first time I get to use the "protection plan" I am asked to pay for a deductable fee of $130.00. Does this sound right to anybody? An insurance costing more than the phone itself? T-Mobile told me that I was actually getting a good deal for the phone and that the deductable is pretty resaonable. Now lets all do the math, $150.00- $50.00 ( rebate)= $100.00 but to replace the phone through their 3rd party insurance provider, I have to pay $130.00 deductable. I asked for other alternatives and T-Mobile told me to do a "partial upgrade" and will have to pay $229.00 for another T-Mobile Dash. Either way, I will be forking out more money than I spent on the phone. So now I am stuck with a 2-year contract and no phone. Seriously! ? $130.00 deductable?!

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  • Ka
      Mar 28, 2009

    HERE HERE! I just left Tmobile because of the same crap! 130$ and they sent me a phone that gave out on me after 2 weeks. Including arguing with them the first week because it was already showing glitches!

    This is after paying $130.00. Tmobile said they can upgrade me to a G1 with 169$. I said, so it can break and I have to go through Asurion again and pay another 130$? I'd rather invest the 169 or 130 I would be paying you for continuously poor service, or invest that in cancellation and a new phone.

    At least the Iphone I can get the mac techies to fix it. Not the evil Asurions...

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  • Jm
      Jun 05, 2010

    Same boat. The phone's "suggested retail" is $399.99 according to T-Mobile (found it other places for closer to $250). I bought it with a 2 year contract for $150.00. I pay $5.99 a month for insurance. The phone goes out, and I owe a $130.00 deductable just to get a new phone..? Let's do the math here.. 24 months x $5.99= roughly $144.00 + $130.00 deductable = $274.00.

    Why even get insurance? I could just buy a new phone from an outside party for cheaper. ALSO, I specifically asked the Sales person when I first signed up for T-Mobile if the $5.99 was full coverage, and asked if there were any hidden fees to get a broken phone replaced. He said it was just the monthly fee, no other hidden fees to replace a phone, and none of the paperwork that I signed said anything about a deductable.

    I do have to say - T-Mobile is still a heck of a lot better than Alltel, but I will probably switch to Verizon when my contract is up.

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