Suntrust Mortgage / they have reported false information since day one to my credit

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Suntrust is a joke, I have had the unfortunate oppertunity to work with them since my mortage was sold to them by my previous lender. I work in the banking and insurance industry and cannot fathom how they can possibly continue to operate with such evil and sharp tongued representatives. I have sent my payments regularly and no less than twice a year my payment mysteriously will be “lost”. I eventually resorted to making all payments western union and calling while at then counter of western union to ensure suntrust would credit my payment by providing them the MTCN number.

They were livid wih the fact I was onto their game and encouraged me to resume mailing my payments in as it would be much less time consuming and cost effective…of course it would be, but then I would’ve relinqueshed my control over my payments back to them. I would call two and three times a day until they posted the payments… sometimes it would take them a week! I know I offended the representives intelligence on may occasions, ! however when you work for a company such as Suntrust who allows the employees to yell, scream and use profanity at their clients, you obviously don’t hve enough intelligence to handle others homes and financial futures in your hands.

I applied for a modification with them immeditially when the HAMP program was being introduced. I had the documentation into them weeks before the program was available. They claimed to have no knowledge of the process of ow they were supposed to proceed. I had to tel them what the criteria was. I dedicated myself to following up on an insanely routine basis to ensure my modification would be completed. After 18 months and one trial period of payments I was served forclosure papers, keep in mind I never missed a payment and the only late payments were the ones they lost and mysteriously would show up once I would involve an officer at my bank.

After nnearly TWO and A HALF years I finally have my modification completed. I have received a statement for 2 minths in a row! This is more than I have received total in the last 2 years. They hve me calling at this point, however they messed with the wrong person and now realize that I have files and many notebooks documenting every call to them. They initially thought I was lying until i rattled off dates times name and hold times down the second I was on calls with them. Their eyes opened when during the modifcation process-while I was dealing with an especially rude woman- i advised them i can the original mortage broker online withus to assist with documenting their behavior…….

The last laugh will be on them -i will continue to document everything for as long as I have to keep my mortgage with them. They have reported false information since day one to my credit..however I will win and eventually they will be held accountable for their rude, unprofessional…

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  • Ju
      12th of Oct, 2012
    Suntrust Mortgage - don't respond and cost me money
    United States

    I have a short sale with this company. We started in May.
    My buyers have cash and we had all the paper work in by Aug.
    We were informed in Sept that we had to start over again because our contract expired.
    Why because they let it go. No communication no nothing!!! We called and called with no answers.
    This has happened 2 different times. I can't even count how many times we have resubmitted pay check stubs and bank statements.
    So now it mid Oct. and we just sent of all new paper work again and new date is for Jan.
    How are these people allowed to treat people this way?
    So stressful not knowing when to get another place to live, movers, etc. You get close and then they say oh no more papers.

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