Sun Trust bank mortgage / harrassing calls at all hrs. of the day and night as well as weekends despite the fact that I am current on all my payments and have been.

FL, United States

They are claiming that I did not pay my taxes in 2003 /2004. This is the 1st I have ever been contacted about this and that by their own admission the only time I was supposedly contacted by them was they left a message on my answering machine back in 2003. Note this is almost 10 yrs. ago.They are now refusing to apply my 760. house payment because they are claiming I owe an additional 400. /mo for an escrow acct. Note I pay my own taxes and insurance and even if they payed them which they don't it would cost me 1/2 that. Now because they ar not applying my mortgage payt. they would eventually default my mortgage even though they have received the money.I tried resolving this with them but they still call me all the time. As it was they could not even tell me what this additional $2000 was for even the branch manager could not find out. It took 2 months, since November2011 for them to come up with this 9 yr. old charge. Oh yes I am current on all my bills and always have been. I am not a deadbeat.

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