Subway / this is the store in north versailles at walmart pittsburgh pa

I went into Walmart in North Versailles I place my order which is okay and I have two little boys. I was wondering where they went to in the back of the store there was two doors 1 door was open the back way going into Subway right across from that door was another door had to mop and chemicals in that room that's where my two boys were they should have those doors shut so nobody goes in those doors Plus security if I wanted to Rob Subway oh I have to do is go in the back door because it's wide open Plus the four is completely black looking almost that's how dirty that for is only trouble is I think it's wrong 10 they open and the floor should not be dirty at all especially when I go there 11 a.m. with my wife and two kids this for is completely dirty and I'm going to take pictures of it and put it on Facebook and tell my friends about the store but before I do that I'll call customer service up same thing with Little Caesars Pizza in North Versailles that store is filthy dirty when you walk into the place plus one time I walked into a place to get my pacer the register operator was going to the back putting cheese on the pizza with her bare hands and the best part is she's the manager I worked at Wendy's for 25 years I never had a problem like that with employees there well this is Subway inside Walmart in North Versailles store needs cleaned or I'm going to call to help word up the end my name is Rich

Nov 22, 2017

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