Subwayrefused to honor coupons

On 12/1/18 I tried to use a coupon for a $5.99 foot-long sub that I received just a few days ago. My grandson had a coupon also. I showed the employee the coupon I had, and told her that my grandson had one also. She said okay and started making the subs. I get these coupons via the phone all the time and always eat there when I can. I came to town (35 miles one-way!) to have the subs for dinner with my grandson because he wanted one. My whole family goes to that particular store (2515 Beene Blvd, Bossier City, LA 71111).

A 2nd employee said (when the subs were half made) that the coupon wasn't going to work for the subs. I said that I was invited (via the coupon) and will pay $5.99 for each. Nothing else was said at that point. When the subs were finished the 2nd employee rang it up and told me it would be $18.00 and change. I told her I had coupons for $5.99 each and two $5.99 subs don't add up to $18.00 (that was just for the subs mind you, no drink or anything extra).

She then argued with me about it and told me it will be $18.00 again. I told her the subs would be at the advertised coupon price or nothing. She refused so I left after warning her that I could bring a suit against the company because "bait and switch" tactics are illegal. She said (mockingly) that she was fine with that.

So we went to Fire House Subs and had a great sub sandwich. Subway just lost 12 customers.

A very unhappy customer!

Dec 03, 2018

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