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Raleigh, NC, United States Review updated:

When you call the Subway corporate number ( 800.888.4848 ) they will tell you there should be 10 Slice of Salami and 10 Slice of Pepperoni in a footlong Spicy Italian sandwich. This is what we pay for. Right? No, you will be cheated when you actually buy a sandwich. When you go to a subway store they put 7 Slice of Pepperoni and 7 Slice of Salami. At some store if you're lucky you get 8 Slice of each. I'm talking about the Subways in the Triangle area in NC. But I won;t be surprised if they steal in other areas too. Because I got the feeling that Subway as the corporate do not care and appreciate about your compliant on this...!! Try and see for yourself.

I filed several complaints at about several subway stores in Raleigh and Cary area regarding their BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES. Instead of appreciating my report and complains about these stores, she (Annie) told me if she were me I would tell the person who makes the sandwiches put more pepperoni and salami... What the hell is that? Do you see where the scam is coming from???

As customers, are we supposed to teach them how to make the sandwiches?? I was expecting to get a better and satisfying response. It's obvious that Subway as the whole corporate do not care much about this scam. If so I have a serious suspicion about what else they do.

There's Neil, he presented himself as a "consultant" in the triangle area (Raleigh, Durham-Chapel Hill, Cary, NC etc). He said someone will be contacting me about this. Noone has never contacted me. A month later I sent him another email. No responses. He had given me a telephone number in the email that he sent me... Guess what his telephone number was fake. Automatic answering system says they can not connect me to that number...

I wanted to talk to a supervisor at Subway. I didn't get her name but she wasn't appreciating my complaint at all. She talked like a robot. She said she will let the owners know about the situation. I told her, we did a month ago too, they still STEAL... She said this is all she can do.. Really? There's no one at Subway that can stop those people STEALING...?? Apparently the answer is NO.

From now on I boycott all the subway stores. I also suggest everyone who are sensitive about the corruption and scam that many corporate involved, do the same. Just boycott all of them that they are not honest. If they do not respect you, do not respect them either... Why do we have to let them use and abuse us???

Also don't you see they do false advertising all the time? They show you a picture full of stuff in it when you buy the same sandwich they give you the half of what they show.. Do you really call this advertisement?

I've had shopped from these stores below and they all stole from the sandwiches. When I told them they are not supposed to put 7 or 8 slices, they told me this is how they make the sandwiches. I told them I called the corporate offices, they told me their boss told them to do so...!!!

Here are the subway stores that cheated me:
Store # 1880 / 3225 Avent Ferry Rd 9 Raleigh, NC 27606, USA / [protected]
Store # 881 / 5563 Western Blvd / Raleigh, NC 27606, USA / [protected]
Store # 1437 / 1373 Kildaire Farm Rd / Shoppes of Kildaire Cary, NC 27511, USA / [protected]

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  • Do
      May 20, 2012

    lmao, yea I'm sure this whole taking pepperoni's off of your spicy italian subs goes all the way to the top. lmfao lololol I Love this post I still can't believe it. Yea, subway's false advertisements on subs. Every other food establishments delights are always up to the picture grade, get real. Where have you ever seen an add for food, and gone to get the item and it looks just like picture? Please, tell me. As for them snaking a peperoni or 2 chill out that's like the worst sub for you, next to meatball, chicken bacon ranch, and tuna. If you knew what actually takes place at subways, them snaking food and your sandwhich isn't big enough. You obviously don't, because day after day there are greedy people like you who make subs so fat you can't even close them, with 5 different dressings. You disgust me. Go eat mcdonalds its picture perfect.

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  • Su
      May 28, 2012

    As you see, each subway store is a Franchise, which means that every store is owned by a different owner.

    Franchises are allowed to make up specific rules for their sandwiches and store. I'm sorry you felt "cheated" by these stores and its unfortunate that they are skimping on the meat this way.

    So, this problem ultimately falls on the MANAGEMENT of the store, not the Sandwich Artists themselves. I would suggest being FRIENDLY, and talking directly to the manager/owner themselves or leaving a NICE, FRIENDLY note simply asking to speak with them.

    sometimes, if you're a decent person and are nice to the persons that are making your sandwiches, they will be generous.

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