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Steak and Shake / rude and bad service

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Anyone who goes to a steak and shake can understand it's very poor management and service that you find there. If you eat inside, generally you will get pretty good service, only because the servers are wanting a good tip. Go through the drive thru and depending on the time or day it can be good or bad. Have had problems with this steak n shake many times and for years with the night shift. Mgr by the name of Pat, who despite complaining many times, instead of being reprimanded for her ignorant and rude attitude was promoted to manager. i think that's a problem with this society that there are classless ###s who are managers of places, who do not have customer service abilities, and are abusive people and seem to lack any skill at all. These are the same people who are running the other idiots beneath them and then you get the kind of customer service you will end up receiving, which is none. If you go durign the day the day shift is generally pretty nice from experience, but during the night that particular employee is always working there. I've eaten inside this location with no problem, but the drive thru can vary off and on. There is an obese hispanic manager too who is very seems uneducated idiots who are managers at these fast food joints, feel they have the place to be abusive to customers. I went through the drive thru only to receive negative treatment from the drive thru employees, seemingly even ruder treatment from the creepy manager, pat, who was trash talking me to the employees... who instead of having them hand me my food, had to come to me and rudely hand me my food, because she knows I do anything to avoid having any contact with her. how immature is it for a manager to act in such a juvenile way and to also trash talk people, for no reason, and come and hand them their items in a rude way... for no reason at all...just because they seemingly just have problems...why are idiots like these people even managers of any place...or location when they lack the ability to be anywhere near normal or professional and are only rude or mean or abusive... it isn't just this steak n shake it's many of them... too many rude and immature people working there who aer rude to customers as well and treat them in a negative or mean way...worse I personally complained to the management in the past and received nothing except mistreatment from general managers as well who then promoted the person I was complaining about. The moral fo the story is--those who are abusive and lack skill, are the ones promoted so they can continue with their nasty saga...

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  • Mi
      11th of Sep, 2012
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    Me and my husband had dinner there last night. For one we got our drinks after they served our food. Two I ordered the pecan salad with grilled chicken to go, when I finally received I was charged for 2 salads, I went to pay my bill and have 1 salad taken off and the girl says would you like your other salad? I said no I did not order 2 salads only one. so wen the cashier took my bag I guess to make sure I didn't have two she noticed the grilled chicken was not on there. Then when we get home I find no Pecans nor cranberries in my bag. Bad Management!!! this was The Prattville, Alabama location

  • Sh
      13th of Feb, 2015
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    Just went steak n shake in the tanger outlet and gad a bad experience with the waitress she completely over looked my husband and myself. Playing with her key and looking everywhere but to us told us to get up to come to never would i go back there bad service.

  • Lo
      22nd of Feb, 2015
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    Why are homeless people allowed into your restaurants. They sit there for hours stinking up the place. The seats are empty around them because no one wants to sit next to them because they stink. What about the heath issues? Their germs, their dirty clothes... doesnt that pose a health issue? I was at store 704 and there was a old homeless man siting there. He stunk! He was mumbling something about a gun, killing someone... and then a bomb. I was glad when a Blonde manager asked him to leave. Dont know why he was even allowed to be there in the first place. It seems like the times have changed. Never saw that when I was young, homeless were'nt allowed in restaurants. They could get food, but they had to take it with them.

  • Ro
      3rd of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @loneridersteve What if they wanted to eat too? If they stink just don't sit by them. If they don't pose a violence threat, you suggest people kick people out because they stink? What if I gave someone money to go eat and they did? I don't think you understand how absolutely horrible and snobby you sound. Unless your health is threatened, maybe you should get over yourself.

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