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What has happened to State Farm? They have gone from being a reputable company to one with no integrity and disgraceful business ethics using any reason, however unrealistic, to deny claims. I was involved in an accident in which their insured client hit my vehicle while I was stopped at a red light in the left turn lane waiting for the light to change. He lost control of his vehicle on the cross street and hit the front of my car. They are saying this was caused by a third vehicle that had no physical impact with either the vehicle that hit me or my vehicle.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Huntsville, TXTherefore, they are denying any liability for the repair of my automobile when the damage was clearly caused by their insured client as verified by the police report.
This is the second time State Farm has denied a legitimate claim on my behalf. The first involved a property damage which was resolved in civil court with them being forced to pay for the damage to my condo as again it was clearly caused by the malfunction of a dishwasher in their client's unit.
If requested, I will be glad to send additional information in verification of the above.

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  • Ed
      Dec 23, 2009
    State Farm Auto Insurance - claim processing snafu # [protected]
    State Farm Auto Insuramce
    Greeley CO
    United States

    The state farm adjusters refuse to award compensation for motorcycle accident where our motorcycle was totaled and I need surgery in the future The motorcycle was totaled (2017 Harley) and severe injuries including a damaged knee that was ordered by doctor and MRI

    unreasonable settlement offer for pain and suffering I will have the rest of my life! my attorney and state farm are scamming me and mad I sent a complaint letter and threatening not to increase my pain and suffering and to pay for needed KNEE surgery and my discretion in the future. I already have estimate for surgery bot Stata Farm refuses ti give me the money for a furure surgery.. wE (mY WIFE AND i ARE INJURED AND UNABLE TO WORK! i AM A 100% DISABLED VIETNAM VETERAN WITH OVER 40 PIECES OF SHRAPNEL AND BULLET FRAGMENTS IN MY TORSO. i RECENTLY RETIRED AND PLANNED TO RIDE MY MOTORCYCLE FOR THE REMAINING YEARS...NOT POSSIBLE THANKS

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  • Bi
      Feb 19, 2010

    Wife was in an accident where her legs we're amost cut completely off. here in Michigan "Full Insurance Coverage" entitles her to whatever she needs for the rest of her life as long as it's medically necessiary. State farm refuses to pay 50% of the 1.5 million dollars in surgerys she's had. Been a legal battle for two years now going on the third just trying to get what she is owed after paying 17 years of insurance to the very company that denys her the benefits she paid in to.

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  • Wp
      Apr 01, 2010

    If a third vehicle hits a second vehicle, and the second vehicle hits yours, the third vehicle is responsible for the chain reaction. Sorry, but you don't have a leg to stand on.

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  • Wp
      Apr 01, 2010

    On your second issue, I am glad that you were eventually paid, but normally someone isn't negligent (which is what it takes to have a liability claim) just because of a dishwasher malfunction. You should have a condo insurance policy that protects your property.

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