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I had state farm for nearly four years and had nothing but issues with them for the last two years I had them. First off they tried canceling my emergency roadside after having used it on one of my two vehicles a total of five times in almost four years. After about three months of calls and threatening legal action for "breach of contract" I was finally contacted and told that state farm was wrong and that my emergency roadside would continue. Ever since it has been a complete nightmare. I was in an accident on 7/18/13 in which the police report states that I was not at fault...therefore state farm originally listed it as "not at fault" in their system. Upon having another accident on 5/4/14, which was not entirely my fault, I told state farm that after the claim was said and done I was going to be switching companies due to their lack of customer service. The accident was listed as 100% my fault since the other person involved got back in his vehicle and drove away before I could get any of his info. I had gotten several quotes from other companies when state farm tried canceling my emergency roadside. Now all of a sudden since I say I'm leaving, the quotes I am getting from the same other companies have tripled. I found out that the reason why is because state farm had altered my account and listed the previous accident from 2013 the same way in their system as the recent one from 2014...which was listed as "at fault". Now my quotes have gone from being about $130 to being about $550. State farm to this day denies that they have altered my account or that it is even possible. I have written proof that they have. If the accident from 2013 had been listed as "at fault" originally my rate would have increased when my policy renewed, which it did not increase. My rate did not increase until after the second accident, getting a newer vehicle, and telling state farm that I was done with them. I have filed a complaint with the oklahoma insurance commission but apparently state farm has paid them well to look the other way. The bbb wouldn't investigate anything due to the oic "investigation". Does anyone know who I might be able to contact that might do something about all this BS?

Aug 20, 2014
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  • Jl
      Aug 21, 2014

    Insurance companies, like people, don't really care about explanations and excuses. They care about dollars. They had to pay for your accidents so they are allowed to charge more for your insurance. If dozens of people make complaints about a certain insurance company violating the applicable, the state board can remove the license of that company. The state board isn't a place where people can appeal for lower insurance rates. You have a local representative to your state government, who may be interested to hear your ideas about changing the law, but will also not be able to adjust your rate.

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