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United States - 33733-8018

Customer Support Phone Numbers

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P.O. Box 20089, St. Petersburg, FL 33742
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American Strategic Insurance Group [ASI] Complaints & Reviews

American Strategic Insurance Corp / customer/client insurance claim never/not paid yet significant price hike

Feb 26, 2018

On or around February 20, 2016, Atlanta has a severe storm. The very same day, my roof began to leak. I decided to call my homeowners insurance ASI to report this. They reassured me they were on top of this and would send an ASI representative to check out my roof. The ASI rep came out and...

American Strategic Insurance Corp / homeowners insurance

Nov 02, 2017

I insured my house with ASI for years. Nice house in a nice, zero-crime neighborhood, Now I am moving and selling my property, so ASI is canceling my insurance "because property is vacant"... three weeks before the closing date. No way to get stopgap insurance from them, not even at a...

American Strategic Insurance Corp / Unjust policy cancellation

Oct 09, 2015

Beware!! I had just gotten a homeowner's policy with American Strategic Insurance (ASI) in August which I paid in full. I received a cancellation notice on 09/04/15 from ASI due to "Unacceptable liability hazard on premises" with no further explanation. I contacted my agent and he stated...

American Strategic Insurance Group [ASI] / Unprofessional claims agents / supervisors

Jul 23, 2014

We bought or home in October 2012. Before purchase an inspector was sent out and the only problem he found with our home was the A/C unit needed repairing.In October 2012, American Strategic Insurance (ASI) sent out an inspector before insuring our home and policy was in effect immediately...

American Strategic Insurance / Claims service

Oct 23, 2013

I too filed a complaint with the BBB a week ago and their response didn't address my complaint. I'm contacting every government agency to look into their scrupulous practices. I I find it more than just coincidence that ASI approved a rate increase exactly one day after my policy...

American Strategic Insurance / Bad choice for insurance


I had coverage with ASI several years ago. I had a beautiful old live oak tree in my front yard. They told me I had to trim it back from the house or they would non-renew my insurance. I spent $1800 having the tree trimmed, and they non-renewed me anyway. This year I took out a policy with...

American Strategic Insurance / Insurance Claim


Do not get your homeowner's insurance policy through American Strategic Insurance!!! They are new to Alabama. I recently had a major storm hit my house; roof damage, water leaking through ceiling, privacy fence destroyed, mailbox destroyed, large swing destroyed. I have a $1, 000...

American Strategic Insurance / Refusing to Pay Claim


American Strategic Insurance obstructs/delays paying legitimate claim. They have very difficult to work with. They do not return phone calls. They avoid using email so they can drag things out and make things much harder for policy holders. Our hour had significant damage from a major hail...

American Strategic Insurance / Ripped me off

I had a policy with this insurance company for home insurance and into the 2nd year I noticed my bill went up from $3500 to $9000. This alerted me to call and find out why such a big jump. The guy on the phone told me it was because of hurricane Wilma yada, yada, yada. So for the past two...