Starhub - Digital Home Voicelong delayed service activation

We applied for Home Hubbing Package with Starhub in Vivo City on July 30th.
The package include Starhub TV, home broadband (max on line) and home digital voice. When the home installation was done on August 12, the TV and broadband immediately became operational. While the digital voice they claimed will be active in 3-5 days.

After 5 days, it was still not working so I called their customer service. Answer was that they will look into it (after collection my personal and starhub details), and they promised to call me back with the answer.
They never did.

We tried again a week afterwards, got the same response. They said status shows "processing" and they will called me back with resolution. They never did call back.

So we are today, Sept 5. Its 25 days from installation date, my home Digital Voice still not active, despite promise of 3-5 days of activation. This is BAD BAD service. Not only they couldnt live up to their promises for time to activation, but also because the Customer Service could never give us a straight answer of what seems to be the problem.

My subscribe Number for the Digital Home Vocie is NDV079186E.

Curious to know how Starhub would improve my situation with this public complain.

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