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Credit Card Center F-7 Markaz, Pakistan Review updated:

Almost one year ago, I lost my credit card and asked SCB to issue a new one. And they did. But their courier never delivered it on my new address, despite the clear instructions provided both to the bank and the courier.
My fault was that I am an extremely busy person, and cannot take out time to visit the branch. That's why I use internet banking. There's an option in their internet banking for updating the address - but it won’t work. They asked me to visit their credit-card center personally to get it updated, so that the new address is in their database on which the new card will be delivered. Due to my busy routine, I couldn't visit for some time, and they won’t take my instructions over the phone, or on fax - because their policy doesnt allow so.
The problem was that they had blocked a certain amount against my credit card, which I cannot use (obviously). It is called the 'lien' amount.
So one day I decided that I will visit the credit card center to get it done, as they may cancel my card and release my amount.
Now check this out. I called the helpline and they advised me to visit my branch. I visited the branch (somewhere in August/Sep) and submitted a written application. But there was no action for a week. After one week I followed up with my branch and was informed (by 'Imran Kramat' at the New Blue Area Branch) that my application was returned, and I will have to visit the credit card center personally.
Imran gave me a phone number of the credit card center and told me to call Ms. Nadia Zafar. I called up their credit card center in F-7 Markaz Islamabad. the phone was fast busy for two days (no exaggeration). The third day I physically went the credit card center and met Nadia Zafar on the front desk. She was talking on the phone, and never hung up the phone as long as I was there (and I was there for at least 30 mins). Now I knew why the phone was constantly busy.
Regardless, I submitted a written request to update my address, as well as to cancel my card. This application was submitted on 29th Oct, 2013 and Nadia promised that it will take around 10 days to complete. On 12th November, I received a phone call from SCB and they wanted to know the reason why I wanted to cancel my card. I gave the reasons and the conversation ended.
On 18th November, 2013 I called for status update again. They still didn't have much of a concrete answer. However, after I insisted on the correct status, the helpline told me that the credit card was cancelled as per their records, and I could go ahead with a yet new application for releasing of the 'lien' amount that was blocked against the same card.
Logically, if the card is cancelled, the amount should be released right away. But helpline told me that they need 45-days to release the lien amount. This was too much for me - I filed a complaint in order to have the process expedited. Complaint was lodged on 18th Nov, 2013 and I was give a reference number (014787), and was told that it will take 3-4 days for them to respond to the complaint.
I never heard from SCB in the last 4 days. Today (22nd Nov, 2013) I called up the helpline to know the status, expecting that I will be told that the complaint was almost resolved, and i'll get my money back within the next week. Instead, the helpline tole me that 'some backend working' was done on my complaint and the status was that they still need 45-Days to release my amount. And then, the helpline girl hung up, right on my face!!!
I have had bad experiences with SCB during my last 6-years with them - but this one is just too much. As if the bank and its staff is practically telling me to 'kiss their a*'.
I want my amount against my Visa card to be released asap, today, now!!!
May I request SCB global headquarters to look into this matter? I have also copied the Pakistan Banking Ombudsman for record.
I've posted this on SCB FB and LinkedIn pages, so that people should know how bloody painful and unfriendly SCB's policies are, and how mean of the staff SCB has employed in Pakistan.

Nov 21, 2013
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  • Ah
      Jan 08, 2019

    Surprisingly, still facing similar issues even after 6 years.

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