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Spirit Airlines / double payment of fare, added charges

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I will never fly Spirit Airlines again! Although my family and I have used Spirit for over six years and are members of the "Nine Dollar Club", never will the seven of us fly with Spirit after our horrid experience of 6/15 and the return flight on 6/22. I had booked the flight some two weeks prior, via the Internet, making use of various low-fare bargains and "special deals". My family and I were ultimately traveling to Ontario, California, but noted that Spirit does not have service in Ontario. Therefore, we needed only to fly from LaGuardia, New York, to Detroit, MI, and there to make connections with another airline. Thus we booked the LGA to DTW flight at a deeply-discounted rate. Imagine our horror when we stepped to the counter, only to be told: (a) that our flight had been booked for the prior day, and therefore that we all were one day late [definitely NOT true]; (b) because we all were one day late, we would have to pay for the fare AGAIN, at a much higher rate and for the entire round trip, at a cost of over $380 per person!; (c) there would be an additional charge of $10 per checked bag. As you can readily see, it cost me over $2,000 to fly the seven of us for one hour and 43 minutes from LGA to DTW. Or, we could have simply canceled the flight. All logic and reason would demand, of course, that we simply cancel the flight and "tell Spirit what they could do with their fare, etc." But I couldn't really do that. The nature of the entire trip [to California, not just to Detroit] made the travel a necessity. I guess we could have sought other airlines to help us make that "Leg" of the trip, but we were caught off-guard totally; there were many people in line behind us; we needed to make our decision quickly. After paying the outrageous second fare of $380+ per ticket, we were herded through security and to our gate, only to learn that our flight had been delayed for over 90 minutes, thus totally derailing all the other connecting flights with a different airline. When we finally boarded the Spirit flight [remember, we had paid $190+ for our brief flight to DTW] we were told that if we wanted a snack or drink of any kind except water, it would be at additional charge per item. The flight attendants were nothing but rude. The service was dismal and minimal at best. The company's name may be "Spirit", but the spirit in which they are conducting their business is a horrific spirit indeed. They have provided us the "Spirit from hell" as far as we are concerned. Never, Never, Never, will any of my family fly this outfit again.

Dr. Michael L. Bennett

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  • Je
      10th of Sep, 2007
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    I always thought of myself as being a fare person but at this point I can honestly say that Spirit Airline was the worst flying experience of my life. I will never fly with them again. They where rude and incompotent. I still do not have my luggage or the items I purchased as well the insurance only covers you for going to the destination so if you loose your luggage on your way back your not covered. If they continue to do business the way they do then it will only be a matter of time before the company takes the plung. For the common person, the $100.00 you save is really not worth the hastle. my advice is "DO NOT FLY WITH SPIRIT AIRLINES!!!" spend the extra and travel in comfort

  • Am
      4th of Oct, 2007
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    I will agree that the service at Spirit Airlines is poor to nonexistant and that their hub set up at LGA is laughable. (There is no electronic board, so people have to manually write or put up number cards into what looks like a chalkboard.) However, with their $9 and now -$1, 2, 3, 4 deals, I've learned to stop complaining.

    My roundtrip travel between LGA and FLL has come in under $30 including taxes, which to me means I can visit friends, family, and the beach as often as once a month - provided there are special deals going on. This roundtrip flight is shorter and cheaper than taking the Chinatown bus to Philly, DC, or Boston. Sadly, it's also cheaper than the taxi ride to the airport from Manhattan.

    Anyhow, if you choose to fly at normal rates to anywhere, I suggest you book with another airline. But if you travel alot on your own budget, or would like to start doing so, Spirit isn't too bad. You just need to wait for the delays, which is almost always guaranteed from LGA.

  • Je
      15th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Spirit is the worst airline ever! Problems began immediately... website was "temporarily" down so we could not book online. Was prompted to call their 800 number, where we were greeted by a man who spoke broken English at best. Trying to get a flight from Atlantic City to Fort Lauderdale, we were given the information for flights from Orlando to Detroit and Atlanta to Fort Myers. Well I guess he got the Fort part right, I thought to myself maybe I'm not speaking English. But that turned out to be the problem, I was speaking English! Well, the trip finally arrives and we depart ACY without a hitch, great little airport, friendly employees, I even have to say the airplane was clean and seats were comfy. I wish this was the end of my story, but we did have to return home. Arrived at the Fort Lauderdale airport at 6:35pm for an 8:15pm flight. Was forced to stand in line, like cattle, while the incompetence of the counter employees was on full display. Inching ourselves forward, I attempted to use the self check-in kiosk. Like the website, not working. Back in line, still with over 1 1/2 hours till our flight, my wife and kids are somewhat amused by the circus that is going on at the counter. The people unpacking suitcases to remove 3 pounds to avoid the $25 overweight charge were by far our favorite. Well, as the time ticks by we finally reach the counter at 7:35 and hand the lady our itinerary with our confirmed flight and seat information. She smiles at us, and says I will have your boarding passes in a moment, you guys are all set. Well, after she presses some buttons for a few minutes, she appears confused. After several attempts, she says she needs to get a supervisor. The supervisor comes over, and after pressing buttons for a few minutes, looks at us and says "oh my." Another lady is called over and a small conference ensues. Now, I cannot exactly make out what's being said, but I do catch wind of "seats were re-booked". When the supervisor returns, before she can say anything I say "you gave away our seats, didn't you?" She responded, you guys arrived at the airport to late, the flight is closed. Excuse me, 1hour and 45 minutes before take off is too late? The airline only requests you arrive 45 minutes before to assure you get ticketed. Well, needless to say we are not happy. But, I am remaining calm and I am looking forward to working with these people to resolve this quickly. Apparently, they had another plan...not to resolve the problem at all and stick us on a flight the following Wednesday. Apparently, they do not understand how the days of the week work. This happened on a Sunday and wasn't in the mood to spend 3 extra days in Fort Lauderdale. Maybe they thought the weeks went Sun, Wed, Mon...I don't know. Well without going into detail from that point on things got a little ugly. However, I refused to back down..We had a Sheriffs officer and an Airport Marshall involved. They seemed to sympathize with my family and basically forced these people to help us. The authorities also explored other options for us. Finally, the best we could do was fly out the next morning at 6am arrive in Orland at 7am, and then leave Orlando at 9pm to arrive at Atlantic City at 11:30. Yep, 14 hours in an airport with 2 kids. The airline was not even willing to buy us lunch or dinner to help pass the time, not even a cup of coffee. The flight was delayed in Orlando for 20 minutes and had to return to the gate due to 2 passengers that had boarded the flight, expecting to go to Atlanta. How 2 people get on the wrong plane in today’s day and age of super security is beyond me. Kind of scary if you think about it. Anyway, when it was all said and done we arrived home 1am Tuesday morning. By far the worst customer service experience ever. These people could have cared less about us and really were not interested in helping us. They were rude, disrespectful and obnoxious. The flight attendants were unprofessional, grumpy and ugly. I now understand that this happens all the time with this airline, and eventually (I hope) enough people get ticked off and the company’s bottom line is affected. I cannot wait until the day I read that Spirit Airlines is gone. On a final note, if what we went through wasn’t enough, when we arrived at Atlantic City, guess what? NO BAGS! The icing on the cake! Spirit is the worst airline ever!

  • Do
      29th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    spirit is the worst. overbooked--said they always do it. did not really try to accommodate me.

    previous booking was "lost" by them. wound up talking to the phillipines; would not let me talk to a supervisor--told me i was not allowed to talk to one. talked to them for over 90 minutes. no remedy available, not even an apology. was clear to me they simply did not care.

    will never fly this airline again......never...not even for free.

  • Am
      2nd of Jun, 2008
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    I have NEVER had such a worse experience with ANY airline before. I booked this trip for 8 of us in January and our trip was at the end of May. At the New York airport, everything seemed fine. We were going to Cancun, Mexico so we had a layover in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Our flight got delayed an hour so then the 15-20 people on my flight missed the next flight (by literally 2 minutes (I told the flight attendant... he didn't do anything about it except tell us we won't miss it)) and it could've been prevented if they would've just notified the airport that we were delayed and that 15-20 people on this flight were rushing to the next terminal and to hold the plane for what... 5 minutes? (the terminal was right next to where we got off). So then they told us to go to rebooking and when we got there, the employees were rude and had no clue what they were doing. Every question we asked, she had to go to her supervisor for the answer and when we asked to speak to the supervisor she said he was busy (but he had time to answer when SHE asked them). Then she told us our only option was to stay in Florida until the next day. Since we had no choice, they gave us a free hotel room and $9 vouchers for each person for dinner and $7 for breakfast (which is nothing since the food at the airport is so expensive AND we had booked an ALL INCLUSIVE package in Cancun so we could've been in Cancun eating a lot more food for FREE basically). THEN when we checked in to go back to New York, they said one person in our group was not listed on the flight. How the heck can that happen if we booked as a GROUP --of 8-- in JANUARY!? But okay, the lady gave us our tickets and everything seemed fine... until we got to Florida again. That same person's ticket had said she was flying THE NEXT DAY back to New York... which the first lady in Mexico could've told us but she just wanted to get rid of us and pass the problem along to the next flight. By this time, we were all tired, hungry and ticked off. The people at the rebooking counter had no clue how to do things and even the manager was no help. He had asked the lady at the ticket counter to give us a gate pass so if there was any empty seats on the plane then she could go on, so the ticket lady was printing a gate pass which was supposed to say my friends name on it and gave it to my friend and we ran to the terminal and we had to go through security and all that. With 10 minutes left before our flight left, we ran to the terminal and found out that my friend's "gate pass" had somehow gotten MY NAME on it. We quickly explained out situation to the guard and she let us through and when we got to the gate, the lady collecting the tickets didn't even look at the names on the ticket and so we just walked through the gate to the plane and she had to stay in the back pretending she was using the bathroom and looked for an empty seat after everyone had boarded. She basically had to "sneak" on to the plane. That's how "tight" security was too. PLUS everything was about money. If we wanted CHIPS or M&Ms, it was $3! and WATER was $3! We had the WORST experience every and it will be out FIRST and LAST time traveling with Spirit Air. They are the cheapest but the WORST AIRLINE EVER. I would rather pay extra to have a steady flight and a better experience than to ever have to fly with them again, even if it was free I would never put myself through all that again.

  • Cj
      3rd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    First off you are one stupid person for not checking with the other airport to confirm your flight with the transfer flight. second off you are one stupid person for not checking with the other airport to confirm your flight with the transfer flight. and third off you are one stupid person for not checking with the other airport to confirm your flight with the transfer flight. so take my advise and check with the other airport to confirm your flight with the transfer flight in the future.

  • Cj
      3rd of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    that comment was for the family trveling to ontario california

  • Co
      24th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I booked a flight with spirit airlines and while I was getting my credit card info the website timed out on me without me knowing and after I paid for it It booked me for the wrong days and they want me to pay 90 dollars to fix a mistake that thier website made!!!

  • Fr
      2nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    A couple a months ago I flew Spirit Airline from Chicago O'Hare to
    FL. By far my worst airline experience ever. I selected the Spirit
    Airline flight, because the schedule was convenient, and the ticket
    cost was comparable to that of other airline. The ticket counter
    attendant was extremely rude. She had her name badge firmly tucked
    backward hiding her name. Furthermore she took a perverse pleasure
    finding irregularities with my paperwork, and insisted that I
    returned to the back of the line every time. My family and I travel
    quite a bit every year, but we will never make the mistake of flying
    Spirit Airline again.

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