Spirit Airlines / agent arman rude refusing to send me a written copy of policy


9/20/2017 at 8:30 AM I called requesting a refund for luggage since we needed to cancel our reservation #[protected]---My husband Robert became sick and hospitalized at VA Hospital. I understand our tickets were not refundable but requested a refund on carry on bags----when Spirit Agent Arman refused----I asked to speak to a SUPERVISOR----she refused and stated would not connect me to a Supervisor-----then I requested to be sent a copy of the policy where it stated Fees for our baggie would not be refunded. Your Agent Arman refused----then when I told her she was being recorded she then changed her mind and told she would read the policy but would not send it to me. I will be seeing our Attorney, filing a complaint with BBB. I have a legal right to see a written copy of the policy when your company refuses to reimburse Luggage Fees.

Sep 20, 2017

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