Southwest Airlines / delayed flight

United States

I was booked on a fight from San Diego to Houston to BWI today. I got notification of a delay. Putting me in Houston at 2:25 pm the same time as my connecting flight 2:25 pm. So I changed my flight, fifteen minutes later the delay was updated and I could of made my original flight. Called all seats were booked plus I would of had to pay an additional fee??? No fault of mine. I guess I am really upset because I was offered no information if I had kept my flight to Houston but missed my connection. Would you have offered to get me on another flight? I travel Southwest ALWAYS. I just wish there was more offered to me. I think I should be due a refund of some sort because I am now returning late and have to miss work.
Michelle Warner
Conf # BV7XSM
Original flight # 1768
New flight # 1125

Feb 1, 2017

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