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My husband and I flew on Jan. 8/18 to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday. Trip from San Antonio to Vegas was very nice one. I had no temperature issue in the plane. But on our way back from Las Vegas to San Antonio, as soon as we boarded I felt cold. I was wearing down ski jacket and a sweater underneath. I took off my ski jacket and my sweater underneath, then I put back in my ski jacket and I wrapped my sweater around my head. I do not know what temperature was set at the time but I came home sick. Today is third day and I am still sick. My nose is running, my sinuses are still blocked. I thought I better write this memo to find out if some of you had similar experience. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot. It was my 80th birthday. While we are at this explanation it makes sense to point out that I had no flu or cold in decades. Last time I remember seeing doctor was 15 years ago. My wife and I carry no medical insurance. Well, it is not me, it is condition I was put in on that plane. To add up to this story we met in Vegas our best friends. They came from SEATAC in Washington. When we met in Vegas we were all feeling well and Happy. Our friends from Washington State used to be our employees 10 years ago. We invited them because they earned everything we do for them and much more. We flew back to San Antonio and they flew back to Washington. We connected that evening to make sure everyone landed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX Shelia told us she got very cold on the plane. They planned to drive to San Antonio next day. They wanted to be close to us. Following morning her husband called to say Shelia is very sick, and she was supposed to be driver. He is a veteran, has neck and hip problems and he cannot drive. Therefore driving to San Antonio has been postponed until she feels good to drive. It is long, long trip. We have done it 13 years ago. We pay good money to airline company to take us forth and back safe and sound, and not to make us sick instead. You probably wonder why don't we write directly to them. Answer is, they don't really care. You and other travellers would never know airplanes use processed air and when that air is circulated at extremely low temperatures, people get sick, and I did not enjoy my birthday celebration. Now I am a landlord, have 120 residents, and the a/c's and processed air is used everyday. Approximately 10 residents lower their a/c temperature to 72 or less. Everyone of them gets sick and they say because we don't have enough cold air. I am telling them opposite is true. You are sick because you live in extremely cold condition and breathing processed air. I would like to know if you had similar experience and if you do, please respond. Public opinion still counts for something. Thank you in advance for reading my experience. By the way, there is payback. My wife and I will drive to Vegas with our friends next time.

Jan 13, 2018
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  •   Jan 13, 2018

    A cold is caused by germs, not temperature. It’s a common misconception. Blame yourself for touching surfaces with germs, sitting near a germy person or a germ in the air. Colds take three days to come out, last three days and take three days to clear. I learned that in medical training. The flu or influenza is a virus that lasts longer and meds can ease symptoms.

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  • An
      Jan 13, 2018

    Next time this happens, ask one of the flight attendants to open a window.

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  •   Jan 14, 2018

    @Anita Bawnghit 😂 lol!

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