Sonic Drive-IN / frozen custard concrete

Jackson, MO, United States
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So I order these this summer and always got the large. They were my cheat meal when I would get them. Several times I would get them and they would be made just right. Than 2 times they were made horrible with only cookies on the top and sometimes the chocolate was not always mixed through. I would complain and they would offer my money back. I didn't take the money I just told them I wanted made correctly. Each time I went back it was made correctly. One time when I went up and order I said now make sure the cookies go all the way through. The manager got on there and told me that sometimes the cookies at the bottom of the bag where just crumbs and they would use them and you would not promised on what the picture looked like because it was just dressed up and fake the picture they would show you on the sign. Even though some of them where made just like it. Finally the straw that broke the camels back is I went and got another and again no cookies in it and chocolate not all the way through. I once again called ask to speak to manager and this time I did want my money back (each one of these was 7.00 dollars) because I done with going there anymore because they can't be consistent. The woman I spoke to was rude and said that Wendy's always makes her burgers different. They would not give me district manager phone number nor owners phone number (told me owner just picked up his profit checks) Called main customer service line 3 times and still no one has called me back. This company is horrible to there customers and they are way over priced for the food and quality you get. Never again. (Sonic use to be a wonderful place to eat when I was a kid I don't know what happen to it.)

Oct 20, 2017

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