Sonic Drive-IN / cannot deliver order as requested

A recent problem I have had with the restaurant Sonic located in Atoka, TN, has apparently reared its ugly head once again, so perhaps I need to go to Social Media in order to stop this behavior or get this problem resolved. I have already resolved this problem at my end by simply refusing to do business with any Sonic restaurants or their affiliates but they will not or cannot let this go. Below is the emails I have sent and their results:

05-22-2018. Approx. 9 PM. Store #13. Located in Atoka, TN. Sorry, I have no receipt. I didn't realize you even had receipts. I have never gotten or have been offered a receipt from Sonic. I parked in stall #4, pushed the red ordering button, then sat there for 10 minutes. Never got waited on. I then moved to another stall (#19), pushed the red button again, and waited another 10 minutes. I was about to move to yet another stall when a customer next to me asked what was wrong. That customer, when he received his order, asked the carhop why I had not been waited on. When I finally got to place my order, I requested 2 ice cream slushes, one watermelon and one blackberry. Blackberry was denied because it was not a flavor available for ice cream slushes. The night before, we ordered a mango ice cream slush, and, although it's not officially on the menu, we got one. Quite good, too. We were told that a blackberry slush could not be made because the syrup used was sugar free. The only flavor we noticed that was diet was diet cherry and it's clearly marked on the menu as a diet item. We did not notice any other flavors that were noted as diet or sugar free. We don't mind if our ice cream slush is made with a sugar free flavor.

Their response:

Please accept our sincere apologies for the less than desirable experience you received at Sonic Drive-In. We strive to provide exceptional service and take your feedback very seriously. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have submitted your concern to Management and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Sonic, America's Drive-In
Customer Care Team

My response:

Subject: Re: Sonic Totline Feedback
Sidestepping the issue that brought us to this point is not going to be corrected by a survey. The issue is inconsistent service which could be corrected by proper/continued training of your employees. Either restrict your flavors of ice cream slushes to the nine on your menu and let your clients know that substitutions are not allowed, or offer all the flavors available at your restaurant so that we can enjoy the various flavors that you offer with all of your products. I'm assuming the additional flavors can be added to any drink so I thought requesting a flavor to be added by itself would be OK. We have already had all the flavors offered this year. Just wanting something different. I don't know how to respond to our order not being taken in a reasonable amount of time. This may have been an oversight by one of your employees. It was not a busy night.

Sent to the following email address: sonic.[protected]

The above email address was not marked as No Reply. The email came back as undelivered with the following error: Your message wasn't delivered to sonic.[protected] because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.

I sent all the emails to the following address: [protected] with the same results. Again the email box had no indication that it was No Reply.

Using the only portal available:, I instructed them to NOT contact me again about this issue because apparently it could not be resolved. Once again, I have received an email via [protected] (not a valid email address far as I'm concerned) to fill out another survey. Really? Is this the level of customer service I can expect from this business?

May 28, 2018

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