Sonic Drive-Inadditional charges/bad customer service

I had ordered 4 $3.99 chicken tender dinners with fries. When the carhop brought the dinners all of them had tater tots instead of fries. I told the carhop about the mistake and asked for a courtesy drink since I had to wait for them to fix my order, which already took 20 minutes because the employees were playing around. The carhop stated, "if it is not on your receipt then no." So I asked for the manager and told him the situation. The manager basically told me he believes the carhop did not get my order wrong, and that I did not order fries and also declined the courtesy drink. So I asked him if he believed the carhop over the customer and he said yes. I have never had this type of rude customer service ever. Another thing that happens, and I have gone to other Sonics that I have not seen do this, is that if you order ANY shake at either Sonic in Lancaster, TX there are additional charges. I have ordered a chocolate shake and on the receipt it shows chocolate shake and then "add chocolate" with and additional 20 cent charge. No matter what shake you get, there is always an additional charge for the flavor you get.

Jul 31, 2018

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