Smith's / Smith's Food and Drugmanager verbal confrontation and degrading statement

S Nov 29, 2017

Hello... I have been a loyal Smiths customer for over 30 years at the same store located at the corner of Mt. Vista and Sunset Rd. in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The past two years I have worked closely with certain departments in the
store purchasing bulk items for a Great American Cookie store that I own
and operate at the Galleria Mall in Henderson, Nevada. The items I
purchase and pre order in bulk are Coca Cola Beverages and Mini M&M's.

Up until today 11/29/2017 I have a had a very workable relationship with
the store. It seems that a new store manager has decided to not extend
the program to me the way it has been set up in the past. Instead of
informing me when I placed the order that the product price would be higher the manager on duty by the name of Willie came to the cashier
and rudely spoke down to me and verbally degraded me. When I said
I paid a certain price for the product he expressed a self importance
that he was better then me and quite clearly stated: Who do I think I am,
I am not better then anybody else and I am entitled to no deal weather
I spend thousands of dollars in the store or not. There are no deals on
volume purchase.

The most offensive thing to me was, as a representative of your company,
he spoke down to me and was degrading. I am a white woman and he is a
black man. Talk about racial discrimination... It goes both ways. I am currently mulling how to address this further. I felt it of great importance
to make you aware of the handling if the situation. Extremely unprofessional especially by someone in a position of authority.

Sincerely yours,

Sharon Murphy
[protected] cell
email: [protected]
smiths card: [protected] 1

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