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I have been a Smith's customer for more than 15 years in Las Vegas, Nevada, and for more than 12 years at the store located on Flamingo Rd and Sandhill in Las Vegas, Nevada. I took a bottle of wine back to the store because it was bad, outdated and with a terrible cork like taste. The manager Jenny explained that Nevada Law does not allow alcoholic beverages to be returned, even if it is a sealed container.
I demanded an answer to why Smith is selling defective products, and the Manager Jenny answered with the worst attitude possible, threatened to call the police on me and claimed that it was her store, and she didn't care if I felt the product was bad or not.

As an long term regular customer of the store, I do not deserve that kind of treatment, and this lady does not deserve to work in retail at all.

I hope that someone with common sense could be able to understand that this is not about a seven dollar bottle of wine, but about the attitude of an arrogant, conflicted and angry person who discharged all her rage against a loyal customer in front of his minor children.


Omy Companioni

Nov 21, 2017

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