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Sandy, UT, United States Review updated:

To Smith's Management

Since I was refused any help on the car that you damaged. I will be taking this video to social media with my side of the "story"

Incident [protected]-001 (that was denied any payment) Will now be "hitting the social media road" warning friend not to purchase fuel from Smith's fuel center.

I can do that with a clear conscience because I know the following:

1. You have a surveillance record showing I purchased my fuel from Smith's. Not only that, you have my Smith's card record.

2. You have the video attached and my bill from Volkswagen showing the problem was contaminated fuel causing the damage to my car.

Sorry it is coming to this, but I see no other recourse. Of course I will be looking at state agencies to report the issue, and a legal recourse.

But, meanwhile my social media effort will be daily, and I am sure the word will get out to stay clear of your fuel.

Enjoy the video

Ken Zabriskie (a customer who has purchased a ton of groceries and fuel in the past)

Oct 23, 2017
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  • Sh
      Oct 24, 2017

    I sure can appreciate the frustration, but couldn't the "contamination" happen in some other way? I may be wrong, but if the contamination was actually coming from their fuel, wouldn't there be several people having problems with and, I assume, complaining about their vehicles?

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