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I had a very unfortunate customer experience at the 3300 South store deli this morning. The staff person, who was a heavier set man about 30 with facial hair, was rude, condescending, and unfriendly. I was the only customer at the counter (about 7:15 AM), but the service person didn't bother walking over to the counter, but instead hollered at me from behind the meat slicer. He was clearly bothered that I was even standing there. The other person working with him was clearly embarrassed at his behavior, and gave me a sympathetic look. Either this person should be reassigned to a non-customer area, or perhaps should be advised to find a position elsewhere.

As a side note, I recently retired as the Executive Director of the Airport where I managed 325 FTEs. If this had been one of my employees, I would have required immediate training. If the behavior continued, the employee would have been terminated.

Nov 21, 2017

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