Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug / complaint against cashier employee named jacklyn at smiths at 9750 s maryland pkwy in las vegas nevada

Las Vegas, NV, United States

While checking out cashier Jacklyn started bagging our groceries and told us you can start loading your groceries my husband told her excuse me and she responded yes load your groceries because I have been working all night and I am tired and I don't have a bagger. When my husband told her no she responded by saying your daughter can load the groceries. This made my husband and I furious. My husband informed her don't you dare tell my 10 year old daughter to do your job and that my wife works and he works two jobs and he is tired also and it's not his job to load his own groceries. If we wanted to load out own groceries we would have gone to Wincos. We are here shopping and we are the customer she kept saying well I worked all night and that she was tired. I requested to speak to the Manager as she started slamming our groceries into the cart and keep telling us she worked all night. I informed the manager of the situation
As I was talking to the Manager she was assisting the next customer and started slamming his bag of ice on the conveyor. I told the mamager look at that and told her that Jacklyn needed to be removed and sent home. We received the worst Customer service from her. We shop at this Smiths almost everyday and am very appalled at the treatment that we received. A customer in the lane over also expressed how rude we were treated.

Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug
Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug

Sep 16, 2017

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