Smith Food and Drugs Santa Fe Cerillos Storerude behavior — bad frozen dinners refrozen — frozen foods not stocked

I have been shopping at this store for 8 years--and have had all good experiences there until the past week or so. A lot of the good former employees seem to be missing--having been replaced by nasty women and flirting young men. I went there at 11:30AM on 5/1/2017. I went into customer service dept to get a few lottery tickets. There was a man standing there using his cell and I politely asked him if he is being waited on-(-many people just stand around using their cells) and the new girl at customer service who was on the phone--have me a "drop dead" look--instead of saying I'll be right with you" so I left without npurchasing lottery tickets. She actually sneered--go look it up on camera.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Santa Fe, NMWHen I was checking out there was a new woman there and her tag said "Customer Service Manager." An elderly lady ahead of me had just been short with her, . I said hello how are you today and no smile or response from her. ETC What is up with these new employees?? Terrible. You will lose many regular customers with people like this. I just cannot believe these folks are working for you!! Refrozen bad foods in freezers and poorly stocked foods in the freezers. A young man and an older woman were in cosmetics and as I walked by--instead of greeting me or asking if they could help--he was joking with her and flirting and she was smirking. No help there for me. My family was appalled as well at these new people there.

May 01, 2017

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