Smart Styles - Inside Walmart / over processed hair - fried it!

Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR, United States

It was the evening before Easter. I went in to Smart Styles in Walmart on Central Ave to get my roots touched up (blonde). My roots were grown out about 3/4 of an inch. My hair is a light beige blonde. I informed the stylist that my hair tends to pull red tones to please be very carefull. About thirty minutes later my eleven year daughter started saying "MOM" in a very alarming way and hitting me on the leg. The stylist then suddenly said " it's okay I'm going to fix it". I leaned up in the mirror and my hair was as orange as Ronald McDonald's. The stylist then slapped some product on my hair. She left it there a few minutes then my daughter said " mom your hair is purple" . The stylist said "oh yea I have to put this in with it. Then put something else in my hair. At that point my head started burning so bad it felt like it was on fire. I told her she had to take the stuff off my head now. She kept telling me " just a few more minutes" . But I said no you need to get this stuff off now! When she was done rinsing my hair it was back to ORANGE and my head was BURNED. She kept telling me please don't sue me, please don't sue me. My head hurt so bad I just wanted to get out of there. She sent me off with a tube of conditioner and said there would be no charge and to come back and she would fix it. As if I would really go back!!! My scalp had scabs over my entire head. Needless to say my hair has been breaking ever since/ It broke off a lot at first/ Then I went in for a good cut. They had to cut off a lot. But it's still breaking. She really did a number on my hair!!! I guess I'm going to have to get a few more inches cut off . Sincerely, Devasted - Hot Springs, AR Bree - [protected]

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