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My wife and I were customers with Sirius for a few years. In October 2009 I got a letter notifying us our renewal was soon. I didn't authorize automatic renewals when I signed up. The renewal amount was outrageous...over $200 so we requested an invoice detailing what the charges were for or we would not renew. Sirius advised us we could get that info from their website if we log into our account...but all the website showed as the amount owing (nothing about what the charges were for) so we sent a second request for an invoice and stated that if they did not provide one we would not renew. They did not provide an invoice.

In April 2010 I we got a letter stating FINAL NOTICE - PAYMENT invoice. I emailed them and again told them we were not renewing and I stated they did not have authorization to charge my credit card.

Here we are in August 2010 and I find a $20 charge to my credit card from Sirius. I call Sirius and ask them to refund the money or I will report the charge as fraudulent and they tell me they can't do refunds. I remind them they have been told twice we weren't renewing and that I told them in writing they were not authorized to use my credit card. I tell them to refund the money or I will report my card stolen and forward all documentation to my credit card company.


They sign you up for auto renewal without telling you and without your permission, hence the reason they only accept credit card payments.

They will charge your credit card even after you tell them they can't...which is THEFT/FRAUD.

They WILL attempt renewal even after you tell them not to.

They DO NOT provide statements/invoices of any kind and simply charge your credit card an amount of money without explaining what that amount is for...which I believe is illegal in Canada.

They WILL NOT refund money to you (which I have read in other stories regarding SIRIUS).


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      Aug 16, 2010

    Also, look this company up on the BBB website, they have a D- rating! Surprise surprise.

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      Aug 30, 2010


    My complaint with the Better Business Bureau was very helpful. I was contacted by Sirius the day after the complaint was filed and was advised they would refund my money and close my account.

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  • Tk
      Jan 16, 2012

    first of all the [censored] going on about the auto renewal is retarted. I work with sirius canada and when we setup an account we tell you right away that if you dont want to automatically renew you have to call in before your subscription is up or it will automatically charge your credit card for the same subscription you had in the first place.So basically i renewed because you didnt call in to say otherwise, so before you listen to this [censored] learn the facts first

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  • Cm
      Jan 30, 2013

    You sir are the [censored]. Just because you claim you tell people this does not make the practice any more lawful. Its negative options billing fool! That is a fact and this behaviour is shocking!

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  • Tk
      Feb 26, 2013

    No negative billing is when we don't tell our customers that they're subscription renews, 1) If you took the time and read the terms and conditions that you abide by when you activate your radio 2) when you activate your radio it's the first thing the agent will tell you 3) you receive an email a month before your renewal date .. Do you have a cell phone bill ? Power/heat bill ? Netflix ? It only makes sense that you have to call and cancel your service ... And you not reading our terms and conditions isn't Sirius fault

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  • Jc
      Feb 26, 2013

    I agree with the [censored] comment. I also work with Sirius Canada. Our policy of auto renewal is stated to you 3 times when you activate: 1) upon activation we inform you that this is automatically going to renew at the end of the subscription and you have the option to opt in or opt out meaning it can be set to close at the end of the subscription. 2) when you receive our welcome package, our terms and conditions stat our policy and explain our automatic renewal system meaning IT IS COMPLETELY LEGAL. Negative billing is when you have no idea, nor are never told of when your credit card is being charged; you are clearly told two times with a third to come. 3) as the horribly rude review clearly states: you receive a letter AT LEAST a month in advance of your renewal, giving you plenty of time to call in and CANCEL (sorry we don't read minds and have no other way of knowing if you want to keep the service or not) or else yes, there will be a late fee (5 dollars a month) after 30 days if the payment is not received. Again, an extra 30 days for you to cancel your service. I'm sorry but this review in my mind is incredibly rude and you have no right to say that about this company. Every customer is given a username and password allowing them the access their billing history of every single charge Sirius took off their credit card; you obviously didn't look hard enough. So before you go and make harsh comments about this company, make sure you know the difference between legal and illegal. Clearly everything we do is legal, how else would we be a mutli-million dollar company? It's people like you that everyone dreads to speak on the phone with.

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  • Tk
      Feb 27, 2013

    Hi I'd like to activate my service for one year, s

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  • Tk
      Feb 27, 2013

    The thing I find most funny about the guy above making his comment is that he must of thought we had telopathic vision to say "let's shut down his service without him telling us " then if we did he'd be complaining about that, and I totally agree with the above comment in the sense that everyone dreads speaking to people like that, and the guy doesn't realize that if your nice to an agent, they will bend backwards for you, but being rude like he has been will just make the Agent ready to release the call instead of wanting to help him ... For an example, if I had someone say hi there, would you please cancel my service and refund me the charge that came off, no problem I would do it non -hesitant .. But if I spoke to the guy above saying CANCEL MY [censored]ING subscription, I wouldn't be as eager to help because all I'm doing is my job regardless of how you treat me, being nice and respectful gets you allot further then being a complete jerk off like the guy above, I'd love to have some of our present customers to comment to show how they have no problem with the auto renewal system and that you'd have to be a ### to think we're going to take it upon ourselves to just cancel your service

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  • At
      Jun 14, 2013

    I got Sirius satellite radio which was offered to me when I bought my car. After the 3 month free period was over I was constantly called to renew now that they wanted money. I finally decided to give it another try and signed up for a special offer. I do enjoy the selection of music that I like listening to, a change from normal radio. I was listening to the classic rock vinyl station. I heard the promotion for the contest to see and meet the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park in London U.K. I filled out all the info until it came to what state I live in . I live in Canada I would think It would be open to Subcribers from Canada also. since they certainly don't have any objections from what country you live in when you give them your credit card number to pay for listening to them. Theofficial rules state only U.S. residents are eligible. That peeved me off some as I know chances are the odds are slim I could win something like that. However All subsribers to Sirius radio should be elligible for any contests or promotions that are offered no matter what country you live in . At least have a seperate contest for Canada or include us in the contests from the U.S.

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  • Jo
      Jan 03, 2014

    Check other blogs, many people that have not agreed or been informed about auto renewal are writing.
    I never sign up to any company that auto renews, I read every thing...yet Sirius it "auto renewing me"
    I don't know who these supposed Sirius employees they honestly believe what they are saying...or were they brain washed by corporate propaganda.
    Obviously if these many people are complaining and placing formal complaints and laws are being enacted to stop negative billing ...well where there is smoke there is fires...if it walks like a duck...well you get the idea.
    I called Sirius and cancelled on the spot when I received an e-mail stating they were going to auto renew (without my permission)
    The attitude I received by the sirius employees is reflected in the attitudes of the above employees...attitude attitude attitude and no customer skills

    What a poor company and poor training of employee attitude.

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  • Wi
      Jan 16, 2014

    I did same as the person above. Got free with my car, did a 6 month promotion. Called and told them that I do not do auto renewal. I called to cancel it in advanced but told to wait to one day before the last day to dance. I told them that I might not be able to call. They said that I would be billed if I didn't dance. They have no visa on me on file as I was suspicious to be begin with. If I didn't cancel, they said that they would begin to bill me and add on late fees etc until I paid. That this would remain on my file. In theory, they could put it on my perfect credit score.

    This sort of extortion practices used to be done by companies in the 60's and 70's but they stopped when they were losing business. I can't imagine that it is legal and it seems that a FCC investigation or class action suit has already begun. It seems to me that Sirius plans to cheat people and take the money and run. This is clearly not a long range plan. They have a monopoly on the market, another thing that can be challenged. They probably expect a new technology to make them obsolete so they are going for the money, no holds barred.

    I also am terminating my service and will be looking for another way to get the music that I enjoy. When there is this much dissatisfaction with the status quo, someone will fill the void. Sorry you all are also having this problem with their automatic renewal scam.

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  • Li
      Mar 21, 2014

    I had a similar experience..Will never renew. The BBB would not have assisted if Claim had no merit.
    I wrote a letter cancelling after the second year and fielded many calls about my credit card not 'working' (I terminated the card due to Sirius Radio's billing practice .)
    I was convinced to try again, and used a preloaded credit card to register but a non returnable gift card for payment, in full for a year. I recorded my conversations with acknowledgement by Sirius. In those conversations I stated DO NOT RENEW. I followed up in writing. and I discovered other radio stations that are free so why bother with the expense and hassle?
    Now Sirius is harassing me for payment. it is time for a law suit

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  • No
      Jun 03, 2014

    to the [censored] that worked at Sirius (you must have been desperate) you are full of it. I renewed my services with specific instructions on the renewal card to state, I do not give permission for my card to be charged for any other purchase than this one. Then it was charged again. I then called the company and told them my card was not to be charged, and was told that it was on my file. I then called the VICE PRESIDENT of sales for the company, who assured me that my card would not be charged and that I would be billed by invoice. The invoice arrived with an outrageous price, and my husband called and said we would NOT be renewing, and the idiots STILL charged the credit card. so you tell me who the [censored]ES are?

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  • Do
      Jun 05, 2014

    XM radio = Shady Business Practice. I got sucked into accepting a "free" secondary radio when I renewed my subscription. They mentioned it would cost me ~$15 per month if I kept it. We decided not to use it and called after the one month deadline to return it. (I see they charged me $18 for the first month even though the radio was never activated. They claim it was pre-activated, which was bull because we hooked it up and it never worked.)

    I called today to cancel and found out I was locked in for who knows how long and early cancellation would result in an $80 charge. They didn't even want their radio back. So now they are into me for $100 and I have got absolutely nothing in return, except a radio kit that nobody even wants. Once my main contract expires, I am cancelling XM radio and will never give them or Sirius another nickel.

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  • Bi
      Nov 19, 2014

    Ok here is my little horror story with these ###. I have had sirius radio on and off for quite a few years now. I have an very old radio that I had for about year then canceled. Unbeknownst to me was that if you disconnected power while you were still activated you would get free radio, which I still have today, except you have to be careful as they occasional ping the radio to disable it. The real horror story is that my other radio was auto renewed for an outrageous amount of money, I called visa to them there was an fraudulent charge on my card, Visa and Sirius my be in cahoots because I got on a 3 way conversation with these clowns and basically said if I did not get my radio subscription for 50 bucks a year they could have this POS. Long story short i got it for 50 a year, Visa was no help but if they try it again I will do the same thing

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  • Jz
      Nov 29, 2014

    I have a "seasonal" radio. These are normal packages that people get and deactivate during the winter (I am Canadian). For some people it is a boat radio .. for me it is on my motorcycle. In the past, I would deactivate in the Fall and simply call in to reactivate in Spring. This year things changed. For whatever reason, Sirius decided to activate my radio without me asking. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but this year I decided to leave it deactivated because I bought a house that needed many renos and I knew we wouldn't be taking any long bike trips. I was looking through credit card charges today and noticed that they have been billing monthly. I should have picked up on it sooner .. but .. it is only $20 .. so hadn't caught my eye. When you consider that it was over a 7 or 8 month window though .. I thought it enough that I post a warning to others ... so that you can be aware.

     Sirius Operator: Hi, my name is Sirius Operator. How may I help you?
     Me: Hello
     Sirius Operator: Hello.
     Me: Sorry Sirius Operator .. hope you weren't waiting
     Me: I wanted to check on something ..
     Sirius Operator: No problem, you waited for me.
     Me: I normally activate my seasonal radio for my motorcycle
     Me: This summer we bought a house and had many renos to do .. so didn't ride much and decided not to activate
     Me: the radio
     Me: On a couple of rides .. I turned the radio on .. and got the message to say that it wasn't activated
     Me: However ..
     Me: I was just reviewing my Visa and see that I have been charged through the entire summer
     Me: Could you look into that for me?
     Sirius Operator: Of course I can. Can you please provide me with as much of the following information as possible so that I can access your account?

    - ESN or Radio ID

    - Phone number on account

    - Mailing address, with postal code, on your account

    - Account number
     Me: You would have the last address ... I haven;t had contact since we moved
     Me: It is
     Me: @@@@@@
     Me: I dont have the radio # with me
     Sirius Operator: Thank you, please allow me a few moments to locate and verify your account.
     Me: Thanks
     Sirius Operator: Ok, I have located your account and can advise that your service was suspended on December 11th, 2013.
     Sirius Operator: How the suspension works, is when we suspend we also have to select a follow on plan.
     Sirius Operator: This automatically starts once the suspension is over, I apologize if this was not explained to you at that time.
     Sirius Operator: Now what I can do is close your service and give you a refund for the last 3 months of payments.
     Sirius Operator: Then if you choose to activate next year you would need to contact us to do so.
     Me: In previous years they had me call in to activate. Plus .. it was never activated. You'll see that the radio has been inactive since Dec 2013. I just looked at my Visa moments ago and there have been charges for many months. Wouldn't it be fair to credit the number of months that I paid and didn't have service (an active radio)?
     Sirius Operator: We are unable to know if you are using your service or not.
     Me: Can't you look up the radio and see that it is inactive?
     Me: It is the only one that I have
     Me: I believe I have paid 8 months at $20 a month. That is about $160.
     Sirius Operator: Unfortunately, all I can provide you with is the last 3 months of charges.
     Me: Well ... that is unfortunate.
     Me: Can it be reimbursed to my Visa?
     Sirius Operator: Yes of course, it will be back to your credit card within 3-5 business days.
     Me: Okay. Thanks. I think I will post this for others to see on social media .. just another thing that people should be aware of I think. I feel I have been taken advantage of.
     Sirius Operator: Please allow me a few moments to close your service and process the refund.
     Me: Not your issue .. your company .. I recognize that .. thanks Sirius Operator
     Sirius Operator: You're welcome.
     Sirius Operator: Ok, the refund had been requested, and will be processed back to your credit card within 3-5 business days.
     Me: Great .. thanks
     Sirius Operator: You're welcome. It was my pleasure to assist you.

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