Singapore Airlinesmisplaced baggage

This is to bring in the worst desk service with any flight service.
I was travelling from xiamen to new delhi fro which I had to be put on a singapore flight to reach new delhi.
It was confirmed thrice from the airline desk that the lugguage has been transferrerd to the flight going to new delhi
I was confirmed on all these 3 occasssions that the baggage has been shifted and will be able to receive it in new delhi.
On reaching delhi. I'm told by the singapore airline that the baggage by cathay pacific has been detained in singapore and will be available only through the same day evening flight (Confirmed by mr. Manoj and jai kishan, both are ground staff members responsible for luggage at new delhi. When contacted during the evening I was told, sorry maam, but your lugguage is in hong kong and we will get it only in the next morning flight.
To which I questioned as I was promised that my baggage is being transferred from singapore to new delhi in the evening flight.

I want to file complaints against:
1. Your ground staff who misled me, gave false statements regarding my baggage, saying that my baggage has already been transferred.
2. The singapore security staff in the departure wing near gate number 41f, the 2 female staff members, checked my lugguage status and confirmed that the baggage has been transferred.
I am filling tis complaint against your staff, claming a compensation of 50, 000/- (Inr) and strict action against the staff members who have been giving wrong information and causing mental harrassment for the past 24 hours.

Feb 08, 2015

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