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To whom it may concern,
My name is Bruno Pignone and my wife is Amanda Pignone 2 months ago my wife booked a surprise holiday for me it was for my 60th birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary I would like to say that on the morning of the 11th of July 2018 Amanda and I checked into Singapore Airlines counter at Sydney airport counter J...this was because Singapore Airlines changed its plane from Scoot to Singapore Airlines we were assured everything was the same.
Anyway come boarding time and the Singapore Airlines Representative told us we would be in seats 40J and 40K however we had paid 2 months in advance for the seats with more leg room on Scoot at a dearer premium now we are being told by this abruptly abusive loud man Singapore Airlines changed the plane so we would have to take it up with Scoot, I explained to him that I needed the room because of lower back surgery and we had paid for those seats 2 months ago he did not try and seat us in our original row 4J and 4K seats or the leg roomy ones he just repeated it is bad luck that your plane was changed all those seats are occupied and there is nothing that can be done.
I am 60 years old my wife 55 and we have never in the past 7 years of traveling to Singapore have we had a problem this fellow was rude insisting there was nothing that could be done and this went on while being humiliated in front of all the other passengers boarding.
My wife and I proceeded to the seating area of gate 54 she rang our travel agent and I rang Scoot well I thought the guy on the desk was bad the lady at Scoot was just as rude as he was she did not want to hear about back problems about we paid extra for more leg room she was an absolutely dreadful women with no passion what so ever she told me sorry change of plane nothing can be done so I hung up on that poor excuse of a customer service representative.
Then another lady chased us down because everyone was boarded and she rushed us on so the plane was not late, she offered us a row of 3 seats 41J and 41K and the isle seat I told her this was no help as I could not stretch my legs and back it would be worse as i had to twist sideways again that's the best we can do so now board the plane now sir and madame.
Once we got on board I tried again and i asked 2 stewards we were supposed to have some leg room for our seats I was not asking for anything we had not paid for and the lady from the gate walks in rolls her eyes and tells the 2 stewards everything is ok she will fix the paper work.
By this time we were totally disgusted and we had a 8 1/2point flight ahead of us in a cramped confined seat this was the start and end of our 25th Wedding anniversary and my 60th birthday surprise.
A steward approached us whilst we were standing at our seats and said the row of 3 seats in front of you are free of you like and with this he left before I turned around a women had her bags and herself planted in that row of 3 empty seats.
As we were taxiing I stopped a stewardess and said excuse me when the seat belt signs are off I would like to take that row of seats as offered to us by the steward, then all hell broke loose and she started ranting on about how she is in those seats and she could not ask her to move we dont have the right to ask any passenger to vacate a seat or seats she was very loud and angry all eyes on the plane were on me and my wife again the humiliation and embarrassment was terrible.
We did not get the meals we had order on our Scoot flight again on questioning this we were told yeah change of plane so we give you what we have on board, and as far as drinks all they had to offer was water and orange juice...who does this to its customers?.
I can assure you because I know my back I will be in chronic pain on this flight and in chronic pain in Singapore and Malaysia for the next 3 weeks all thanks to the incompetent angry abusive staff as well as not having a compassionate Bone in there body we were treated like scum like people that did not have a voice totally and utterly disrespectful and disgusting behavior on your part Singapore Airlines and Scoot which is owned by you as well.
We expect to be compensated for this terrible time we had to endure from check in to landing and beyond with my back having spasms and chronic pain.
I would like a response to this by the end of the week or I will contact tv shows newspapers and I will use every public forum to tell of our treatment by Singapore Airlines and its staff.
Please dont take this as a threat it is exactly what I will do to stop this happening to other travellers, and not even to have entertainment turned on the plane no movies no music no internet no power nothing at all disgusting and totally disgusted and disappointed.
7 years twice a year on Jetstar, Virgin, Quantas, Air Asia, Tiger, and Malaysia airlines not one of them have us a problem so proffesionial caring compassionate and happy staff from all these Companies.
Lift your game Singapore Airlines we are human too.
Disappointed travelers
Bruno Pignone
Amanda Pignone
30 Henze crescent Claremont Meadows NSW
Australia 2747.

  • Updated by Bruno Pignone, Jul 24, 2018

    I have sent this email almost 2 weeks ago and have had no one contact me at all.
    Now we are in Langkawi flying to Singapore on Friday then to Sydney and again you have switched planes I hope you are not treating us the same way as the fight from Sydney to Singapore,
    I would appreciate a reply or I will just get my Attorney to handle the incompetent way we were treated and we did not receive what we paid for.
    Bruno and Amanda Pignone

Jul 24, 2018

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