Singapore Airlines/flight Centre / missed flight/confusing times/compensation due to total loss of tix

[email protected], Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Booked return flight to England, returning from Copenhagen around the end of last year, in conjunction with a 3 week stay in UK and a Baltic Cruise to take place June 4th return July 7th. We missed the outgoing flight on June 4th, as it was ticketed as a June 4th, 12.05 am departure from Tullamarine. Somehow we thought it was leaving June 4th going into the 5th, alas it was leaving June 3rd going into June 4th. As we were declared a no-show we lost our total booking and our first night's accommodation in London. We feel 1. that the time stipulated does not "exist" as it should have read June 4th 00.05 am. 2. we realise that it is written in the fine print, but how can the airline take our taxes component when we did neither land / depart/ return on their ticket 3. how are they allowed to cancel our return journey when it has been booked and is therefore "owned" by us 4. when we re- booked we were "unable" to get tickets through Singapore and thus needed to book Thai Airways costing us an extra $4300 5. Flight Centre confirmed in our post trip discussions that this "problem" occurred quite often, yet seemed to be reluctant to change the system, even it added in pen that one has to check in the night before possibly 25 seconds work.6. why do Singapore Airlines and Flight Centre not use the 24 hour clock on International Flights ??? Hoping you can make some sense/headway. We are currently still in talks with F.C. who are discussing the scenario with S. A. Is there a precedent for us to follow up on ? Should we talk to the Travel Ombudsman or A Legal Firm ??

Jul 14, 2015

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