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We have spoken to your customer service team on a couple of occasions about this; most recently today. We have been told that my wife Jo can't sit in the exit seats we have purchased, because I am carrying an infant (our daughter), and that our booking fees are not refundable.

Our position is very simple:

1 - we booked and paid for Jo to have an exit seat (for extra legroom);
2 - the booking conditions on state that "the passenger" who is to occupy the exit seat must "Not be carrying an infant or using an infant seat belt";
3 - Jo will not be carrying an infant or using an infant seat belt;
4 - I will be carrying an infant, but I am not sitting in exit seat;
5 - your terms and conditions do not say that "you can't book an exit seat if anyone in your travelling party, or anyone on your booking, is travelling with an infant". This would obviously be ridiculous;
6 - Jo is a very fit and healthy young woman, and she is ready, willing and able to assist in an emergency. She has travelled in exit seats countless times and is very familiar with the procedure in an emergency; and
7 - we have specifically selected the exit seats we have because we are a young family, and want to be close to each other during this very long flight(s) from Melbourne to Milan.

We have wasted an enormous amount of time on the phone trying to resolve this issue.

We sincerely hope that common sense prevails and Jo is permitted to occupy the seats we have selected and paid for. But if not, we expect that our booking fee (AUD 330.40) be refunded, or at the very least we be given passes to the Singapore Airlines lounges in Melbourne, Singapore and Milan on the days we are flying.

We are a family and we need to sit together or in close proximity.

We have never made a complaint like this before.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Matt and Jo.

Mar 10, 2017

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