Singapore Airlines / misrepresentation

United States

Singapore Airlines misrepresented the destination of Singapore on the dates they recommended us to visit with four expensive tour packages. We meet in person directly with Singapore Airlines, Manila. We sold the tickets with promises of great shopping, great food and great museums -- but the dates they suggested we travel "Valentine's Day" the entire city was closed, no restaurants, no museums, no shopping for a solid three days.
They also misrepresented the 3-star hotel they booked us into a part of the 5-star Peninsula Group.
They also said they had the ingredients to the food they served on the aircraft (we have an egg allergy so we asked) and they said there were no eggs in the food. It was a very simple meal of plain broiled chicken, steamed vegetables and mashed potato. After getting very sick we contacted the Singapore Airlines corporate office and they informed us that there were in fact eggs in the mashed potato!
We have been told by Singapore Airlines Manila which caused most of the above situation and much more we are concerned about, including their handling of legal documentation of this situation -- and we have been told that we may not complain to the corporate offices of Singapore Airlines and that all complaints from the Philippines may only go through the Manila office -- even though it is they we are complaining about.

We notice on the web, that, although Singapore Airlines makes a focus of their very large advertising campaigns that they have great customer service -- on the web it appears that Singapore Airlines is one of the most-complained about airlines. And that much of the complaints involve the airline ignoring their complaint. We have found this to be the case.

And finally after months of trying to get through to them, the Manila office "just to make us go away" offered us four tickets of far far less value than the cost of the package we had bought from them. And then within three weeks of issuing the tickets, they wrote to us that they halved the validity dates of the tickets and other changes which made the tickets virtually worthless. So it seems there is no end to the games they play -- it seems the purpose of the tickets was just to get us to sign a release that we could not understand and which would cause us to shoulder and indemnify the airline for all claims by other parties regarding things like their misrepresenting the hotel.

Beware of Singapore Airlines regarding anything they ask you to sign. We edited what we signed to make sense and they took the form away and put another in front of us which we wrote in tidy letter next to the section we din't understand that we don't understand this -- and they took the form away and put another in front of us and told us not to write anything or the offer would immediately expire. So we signed it with "Under duress and protest" under our signature and they accepted it. We asked them to keep all of the other forms we signed as they directly relate to the situation and their behavior, but they have refused. In fact after we left they made changes to the form we signed not in our presence and then sent us a copy of it as "final".

We have been loyal customers of Singapore Airlines for many years and have even written positive reviews about them and the city of Singapore in the past.

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