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1. In Oct 2008 I've made a booking at Singapore airlines website ( for the flight Colombo - Singapore - Colombo, booking reference. This booking was made for me by my sister with her VISA credit card. Full amount of ~$750 was charged by Singapore Airlines from my sister's account three weeks before I had to board my flight.<br />
Important to say, that with the confirmation that was sent to my e-mail, was the new one rule, not mentioned during the booking rule - "Since you are not part of the traveling party, you will be required to sign a letter of indemnity (LOI) and submit it personally, by mail, or by fax to the nearest Singapore Airlines office".<br />
<br />
2. In according with the said above, my sister signed this letter of indemnity, and we sent it to Singapore Airlines office in Tel-Aviv, Israel by fax (she libes and works in Israel). After sending she called to their office, and they approved, that they got this letter and now "Everything is OK, no need to come".<br />
<br />
3. Nov 2008 I was denied boarding to my flight from Colombo (Sri-Lanka) to Singapore. As far as local Singapore Airlines officials explained, it was "some problem with my reservation". Because of their extremely bad english, they could not explain what's a problem exactly. I've tried to tell them, that my sister was charged in a full for this flight, and that's impossible that any problem remains. They did not respond, but asked to see my (again - MY credit card, not sister's!) credit card.<br />
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4. They took from me the credit card for about 5 minutes, and returned it back with already printed transaction(!) for LKR 226, 800 (~$2, 067) and asked me to sign it. They said, that for security reasons I need to sign it and explained that they will refund me for this amount later. Again, they could not explain what does it mean "security reasons" and why do I need to pay $2, 067 in addition to $750 already paid for the tickets. I said, that my sister was fully charged and I do not intend to sign this transaction in this case. They answered, that if I do not sign amount of $2, 067- I would be denied boarding.<br />
<br />
5. I said, that no way I sign in any case, and they had no legal right to use my credit card for payments without my permission and authorization. After that I said, that if they do not let me board my flight - I demand from them official letter where the reason of this denial to fly will be stated, and later we will meet in the court.<br />
<br />
6. They talked sinhala language (Sri-Lankan language) between them for about 5 minutes, so I could not understand what they are talking about. They made some calls as well. Finally they decided to let me board my flight. I asked them, that I need to be sure, that this amount of $2, 067 will not be charged and they said "Don't worry mister, thats OK".<br />
<br />
7. Some time ago I discovered that I was charged by Sri-Lankan Airlines(!) for $2, 067 mentioned above in addition to $750 already charged from my sister's account.<br />
<br />
8. I talked a lot with Singapore Airlines call center, thеy asked to send them "unused coupons" for Colombo-Singapore-Colombo flight. However, as I said above, I did not buy any additional tickets. That's why I had no any "unused coupons" to send them back.<br />
<br />
9. A problem wasn't solved till nowdays (6 month!) and, actually, in according to the law, I have to apply to the singaporean court in order to get refund...

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  • Pa
      Aug 17, 2010

    we have been trying to get someone to hear our complaint, singapore arlines the best in the world, i do not think so because they did not care or did not even have the courtesy to make a simle phonecall we were involved in a near fatal car accident, our whole family could have died, we told them this and today still no respose, from them not even please explain even though we did or i am sure we can sort this out just a blank page will someone please hear our plea, they need to be accountable for their actions, please can anybody help us Paul and Noreen Harding

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