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Two years ago I moved to Shanghai but I tried to use SIA whenever I can. Sometimes I would go out of my way to support SQ. Twice this year, I tried to use my miles and both times the returning flights were on wait list. How can one travel without knowing if one can return? I called their customer service, spoke to their supervisors then their superiors and their attitude was you could get the return flight if you use more miles (a lot more) for a standard seat. His tone was condescending. Why offer economy saver if you are forcing your customer to buy standard seat? I have no problem using my miles with United Airlines or any members of the star alliance but with SIA/Krisflyer I feel cheated, and humiliated. I will use up my miles as quickly as possible but once that is done, I will not fly on SQ and I will tell all my friends why. Very disappointed SQ


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      Sep 02, 2009

    This is policy - if you flew more than once in a lifetime - you would read and understand airline policy and T&Cs before you agree to them (i.e. via your purchase of the ticket and obtain UA miles -- SQ has their own program and code shares with UA - but each have their own rules and StarALliance rules).

    Also pending MP status, ticket fare basis, etc - different benefits are provided .

    Try to read, comprehend and act responsible before moaning about what you didn't get... and think that you are "entitled" to...

    UA and SQ are good/great airlines - and may make errors- but they also compensate if they are wrong or are supposed to (either via Contract of Carriage or via keeping revenue generating passengers happy - these latter category applies to those who generate $50k+/year not your once a year APAC trip MP miles while sitting in economy)...

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