Singapore Airlines / booking cancellation through krisflyer customer service and getting refund

Singapore, SG
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Singapore Airlines, who take pride in its customer service and comfort at 35000 feet, failed by their Krisflyer customer service crew on ground.

I have been a SQ customer for the last 11 years, and prefer it over many other airlines in the region. But this event has left a sour taste for sure.

On August 7 2016, I booked SQ flight to BALI for 22-Dec for all my 4 family members by redeeming my Krisflyer points. I still had to pay around SGD$605 for taxes and surcharges etc, which I did.

Everything was good till the time, due to some family maters I had to cancel the booking on 1-Nov-2016.

Since it was a point redemption booking, I had to call Krisflyer customer service for help. I was helped by a customer service representative - 'Winters’.
Since the credit card on which I had initially made the booking was cancelled by me, I was advised to write an email (for a written record) to kris flyer customer service detailing this information and advising them to use my other credit card for the refund (after necessary cancellation charges of course). Which I did.

Then again on 4-Nov-2016, I was advised to provide a hand written request for the refund, stating that my old card was cancelled by me and the refund should be on the new card. Which I did, and waited for my refund.

After waiting for 3 weeks for my refund, I again got a call from ‘Winters’, who wanted some more documents from my old credit card company. I found the repeated requests for additional documentation very frustrating and wanted to talk to her supervisor for a faster resolution. I was told that supervisor was busy and will call me within next few hours.

After waiting for a day to talk to the supervisor, I again got a call from ‘Winters’ to wait some more time for the call from her supervisor.

Its been a month, and I want to talk to someone who can help me get my refund.

Nov 28, 2016

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