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Hi SI team,

First of all let me tell you the ground staff at Sydney airport for Singapore Airlines are very rude and unfriendly and very racist when it comes to helping with luggage.
My wife and my 3 years old son was traveling from ahmedabad to Singapore on flight SQ531 and then Singapore to Sydney on flight SQ211, she is 4 months pregnant and was traveling with a 3 years old child, despite having medical certificate for having assistance during transition and luggage picking she did not had anyone helping her. At the time of arrival at Sydney airport Staff suggested that they're short staffed and won't be able to help her with her luggage.
I was told to do written complaint by a immigration staff who helped my wife seeing her struggling with her luggage and my son.
Even she noticed one elderly couple having same experience with one ground staff being rude and not helpful to them.

Singapore airlines is very popular in our community because of their service and this was totally not upto your standards specially when someone is pregnant and having complications with their health.
Hopefully someone see this feedback and take some action. You can contact me via email if you want more information.
My email address is :

Mar 18, 2017

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