Simmons Beautyrest - Black / Defective mattress

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We paid $2, 500 for what we thought was a premium, top of the line mattress and box spring only to find out that it's totally defective and that Simmons does not stand behind their products.

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  • Ds
      Oct 15, 2009

    After one year, (purchased April 2008) there are depressions on both sides and a ridge in the center. Neither of us are obese, a bit overweight but no super-sizes, but the depressions are definitely permanent. We were out of town for 3 weeks and the mattress did not re-plump.

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  • Et
      Nov 09, 2009

    Hi, I'm selling mattress and I think you have been miss informed on your warranty. Sorry for the english.

    I sell all big compagny, kingsdown, sealy, simmons, serta... And I have to say that simmons is one of my favorite. Why? because of the warranty. Before you have to know that body impression is NORMAL on a pillow top/euro top, if you didnt know that before buying your mattress you didnt shop correctly. But there is a diffences between boddy impresson and sagging. with simmons you are warranty 10 years for 1 1/2 inches sagging. this is the best warranty because the other compagny is 2". And unfornatly, if you weight 300 pounds I think that buying a mattress with a pillow top is not a good Idea.

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  • Bl
      Mar 23, 2010

    We also have a "top of the line" Simmons BeautyRest "Black" Helena... It is the ABSOLUTE WORST MATTRESS EVER!!!
    I weigh 132 and am 5'7... my husband weighs 220. We have spun the mattress head to to ( as this is not a flipable) and been away for 3 months ... still does not re-plump as the other complaint states. It was purchased because of the Brand name, warranty (proved worthless) and supposed triple strand coil system. We have 2 sink holes on either side of the bed with a ridge in the middle... Simmons will NOT respond to emails and the selling store tell su to contact Simmons... Product FRAUD.

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  • Ma
      Jun 15, 2010


    Most mattress retailers hire an inspector to come out and check for severe sagging and if it's not @ 1.5 inches then it's technically "not defective" yet...

    Since the retailers have to pay for the inspection... not the MFG, they normally have you wait for a duration of time before they pay for another inspection. Not sure if it's the same at other retailers, but that's now it is @ ours.

    I'm actually surprised that Simmons is having such a bad rep online! We have great succes with the beautyrest line.

    I suggest you get the Customer Service # for the retailer you purchased from. They might be more helpful than the store you bought from.

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  • Oh
      Aug 07, 2010

    REplumping is not a requirement of mattresses. All mattress products will get an indendation of comfort signature where you sleep, just like your shoes or any other foam product. I think the customer had unrealistic expectations here.

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  • Oh
      Aug 07, 2010

    customer is not accepting reality with regard to a foam product

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  • Jd
      Mar 21, 2011

    I have the misfortune of owning a Simons Beautyrest Black, a $2500 mattress set, which is only two years old and sags already. When you are not on the mattress, it pops up a bit (only 1" sag without weight on the mattress); and, according to Simmons, that is fine "as is." A mattress is not a piece of art. What it does, or looks like, when not in use means nothing. When it sags when you are on the mattress, it isn't doing the job it was purchased for. Simmons actually tried to get out of the mattress warranty by citing a minor soft drink stain on the box springs! What a bunch of crooks.

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  • Ma
      Jan 16, 2014

    I agree, worst mattress ever. We had a rep come out after 2 1/2 years and the mattres was ruled not deffective by 3/8 of an inch. We will not buy another simmons nor go back to Jordan's furniture in NH. They hid behind then manufacturer.

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  • Ap
      Mar 21, 2014

    I also own a Simmons Black Helena since 2 years. My wife and I aren't able to sleep on the mattress without having a serious backache.
    I'm very angry to have paid 2500$ for such a bad mattress. I wander if it is possible to remove the scrapped pillow top and then keep an underneath ordinary mattress. I will post another message whenever I decide to proceed. Anyway the mattress is unusable!

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  • Ca
      Dec 04, 2015

    I am beyond upset with the new Simmons Black queen size mattress that my husband and I bought at Macy's less than two months ago. We paid almost $3, 000 for it and it is sagging so bad along the edge that I am literally rolling out of bed at night. My last mattress was also a Simmons, it was a Beautyrest and it held up for close to ten years, it didn't even begin to sag until we were in the 9th year. At this point, I am not sure what to do, I am praying that Simmons stands behind their warranties because I literally can't AFFORD to spend this much money on something that is completely breaking down after two months, it makes me so sad . Just beware that if you're thinking about buying a Simmons Black, DON'T, they're complete garbage!!

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