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Resolved Sagging in first week of delivery

I bought the floor sample bed set, regularly $1699.00, on sale for $1018.25.
You must agree this is a fairly high price for a bed set... At least high enough to expect good quality for... Let's say... 1 year.
Within the first week of sleeping on the bed I was on the phone with the better sleep store. I told them the bed sagged in the middle so much that when I made the bed and put the bedspread on you could see the droop. Surely the mattress should bounce back up and look "sharp" after fluffing and pulling the sheets and bedspread tight... At least for... Let's say... 1 week.
No, she says, it is supposed to mold to your body's shape, and in nc beds are "no return".
That may be, but my bed looks like it is 25 years old after I have fluffed and pulled everything tight... And it is 1 week old.
I called several more times, complaining, requesting something be done. They listened politely but did nothing.
Now I have lived with the damn thing for a year. It has not been something I got used to, adjusted to with time, etc.. I have been disappointed and uncomfortable every night since buying it in march 08. I went to a nice store and bought a very nice bed so that I could own a very nice bed. I have been sorely disappointed since the 3rd day of owning it.
I wonder what this company can say or do to resolve this $1086.98 problem?
For $1000.00, I should be enjoying this thing for at least a year, don't you think?
I enjoyed it one night. The next morning it was squished and old looking.
We have both been sleeping on a slope ever since.
Really really really something should be done by the company in response to this.
Tracy horton

Broken mattress

Purchased Queen size mattress and foundation on 12/17/08. The bed became saggy and it started popping in different places. Called and they sent a tech out on 2/7/2009. Was told by tech that someone would contact me in 24 hours and it took 4 days and I had to call. They replaced both mattress and foundation on 2/18/2009. Called them back on 3/2/2009 with same problem as before. Tech came out on 3/9/2009 and said some one would call me in 24 hours. I had to call 4 days later only to be told that they would only be able to replace with same mattress. If I have the same problem with my 3rd mattress I will call back and they will send a tech and replace the mattress again. To me there is a manufacturing problem with my mattress. I want a free up grade so I can get a good nights sleep!

Sink in middle

This bed is so bad that I had to start sleeping on the sofa. It sink in the middle I pick a Simmons because it has always been the best oh I'm a simmons from the south work hard need a good bed to sleep on. I am so unhappy I paid cash. This mattresses was very soft in the store . the pillow top look like the perfect bed for me I have had some back problem and I needed something soft. I don.t know what to do now it has been several month. I'm lost for what need to be done now.

Resolved Beautyrest mattress-new & sagging

Complaintants Info: Tammy Bauer [protected], address: 3622 Commonwealth Ave., St. Louis, MO 63143
DELIVERED: 1/17/09 - w/o center supports. Regardless of supports, the design of mattress causes it to severely sag causing great harm to spine and neck--everything as advertised and as product is promoted is false. Recall or Class-Action Suite would be wise. If anyone who has same issues, contact the Federal Trade Commision at [protected] and reference complaint # [protected].
My Claim/Complaint:
1. Fraud. Fraudulent claims of how this mattress is to perform, providing “support” and thus “provide an undisturbed and better night’s sleep” and that will “improve my quality of life by getting a restful, comfortable sleep, ” and such mattress does not provide any such support, and sleep is disturbed within one hour of sleep, and it is impossible to get the necessary eight hours of undisturbed sleep,
2. Sleep deprivation, dizziness and damage to my health and well-being,
3. Damage to my spine and neck has occurred and continue to pop out of place, inflame, and cause a great deal of continuous pain from such sagging in short-term use and ever since delivery. (Manager told me I should roll to the other side and avoid the middle)
4. Value City’s failure to provide the center supports at delivery and installation (as seen on receipt) and comply with Simmons requirements for warranty, with Value City manager, Kelly Straight, claiming that I don’t need the center supports, when not doing so makes the warranty by Simmons void (Simmons Warranty division confirmed this verbally), and
5. This product is unusable for its designed purpose and as promoted due to the fact that this mattress sags within one hour of use ( not when just looking at it but when using it), and
the only foreseeable way to rectify this problem is to either refund my money in full, including costs of delivery and install, or to exchange with another manufactures new mattress of equivalency (American Signature is Value City’s brand), and as soon as possible to avoid further harm.
Please let me know if you need any other documentation. Thank you so much for your assistance in resolving this problem.

Resolved Beauty rest mattress

I just purchased (1/17/09) a Simmons Beautyrest mattress. From day one I experienced terrible sagging, hard...

Maplewood Mattresses

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Resolved Sleepys charges double for same mattress as 1800mattress but gives it a different name to protect themselves

Bought a mattress over the phone and the mattress I got was firm, not plush. Returned the mattress. And bought a mattress, substantially more expensive. Sleepys charges for boxsprings and won't do price matching once you sign the paperwork and accept the mattress.

The mattresses you buy at 1800MATTRESS... MY SAME MATTRESS w A DIFFERENT NAME (of course) was 1/2 the price... and they include the Boxspring in ALL their sales.

SLEEPYS SHOULD BE ASHAMED of their customer service and business ethics. I work for a international real estate company as do both my parents, and I can't wait to put a warning out to every broker in BOTH companies NOT to use SLEEPYS because of their return policies...or lack of!

The audacity to charge 1300+ boxsprin + delivery ... when 1800MATTRESS includes it all in ONE purchase at the same price. There's an $800 discrepencey.



  • Dw
    DW1111 Mar 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the exact same experience. Thought it was fishy that they pushed for the delivery to be the next morning when i purchases at 9 pm at night. No chance to cancel. Price "matching" campaign is a complete farce. They dont admit that any other mattresses are the same as the one's they sell, so good luck. Really a deplorable company Sleepy's.

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  • An
    anvasqu May 31, 2009

    Kelluy, I just got back from Sleepy's. I really liked the Simmons Balthsar, under what name does 1-800mattress sell it?

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  • Ki
    KimAHen Sep 28, 2009

    I sadly have bought a bed from Sleepy's in Wading River, NY. Delivered very damage. I swear it was used. I want to get a better bed, knew nothing of a comfort exchange & they are trying to charge me $399 for a King exg when I downsized to a full & am paying more money. PLUS they want to charge me another $89.99 shipping. All on a bed delivered damaged & 2 hrs after the said time of delivery had ended for the day. These people are rip offs you never get the same salesperson twiwce. They don't tell the truth or they know none. Their exchange CS people are very rude & arrogant. I have had it with these people. I want this garbage bed out of my house & I want a full refund.
    I found the exact same bed I wanted for over $1400 less at 1800mattres...Which incs..shipping, box spring. no tax, 100 day try out, If you don't like it you pay the difference if the bed is higher priced & a 1 time charge of $99. Damaged doesn't cost you a dime.

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  • Ki
    KimAHen Oct 03, 2009

    1800mattress happens to be a company owned by SLEEPY'S...

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Resolved The worst customer service and charging unfair fees

I feel it's a moral obligation to warn people or possible future customers about this mattress company, by sharing with the public my recent nightmare experience I had with this company.

But before I go on, it's only fair to point out that I am partly to blame. I should have done my homework first by checking Leeds out on the Better Business Bureau's website. Had I have done that first, I would have learned about the several complaints they currently have registered by many unhappy customers. If I had been aware of this, I would have never done business with Leeds from the start.

But to make a long story short, my mattress that I purchased with Leeds back in August of 08, was found to defective. And after going through months of horrible customer service with Leeds ( constant mis-information given, no call backs, rudeness, ignoring me in the store etc), they actually had the nerve to charge me a 50.00 dollar delivery fee for replacing the defective mattress they sold me in the first place-as if it was my fault. However, I checked with their major competitor, and they stated that they do not charge for delivering on a defective mattress case.

So I'm wondering why would Leeds penalize their customers for something clearly the customers had no control of and clearly it's not the customers fault for receiving a defective mattress. But apparently Leeds doesn't care, because they charged me 50.00 dollars for replacing my defective mattress they sold me. I have tried to talk to Neil the owner, but all i get is the supervisors which informs me that Leeds "sub hires" their drivers, so they have to eat the cost of the delivery, and Leeds just passes that charge onto the customer.

I also had a problem with the different Leeds stores when trying to pick out and upgrade my replacement mattress. One Leeds store wanted to charge me 1399.00 for the upgrade, yet when I went to another Leeds store, they told me that charging me 1399.00 was wrong and I only had to pay 590.00 (including the delivery fee). So their various stores aren't even on the same page.

So after months of dealing with the different Leeds stores and customer service (if you dare to call it that), I find them to be very unorganized and unprofessional and would'nt reccomend doing business with this establishment.

  • Pa
    Pam Cole Nov 17, 2009

    Has anyone herd of a law suite against Simmons about there wacky defective descriptions. I have a mattress set we have had troubles sleeping on for months. Just because it doesn't have a inch and half pit in the mattress it's OK with them. There has to be a different way to prove It's a POS. There need to be a middle man that comes to your place to get the facts and he decides if it's not right, (not the company). we have 10 mattress in the past 10 years, All have been pillow tops and none have held more than 2 years. This must be a scam

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  • Ne
    Neil Leeds Oct 11, 2010

    I am Neil Leeds, and I stand by My company.These complaint boards do not help clients tell the whole story, especially when our competitors write what they want when they want.We have every bed on file that needed service and what the reports were and what the factory and leeds were willing to do.We hold a better business rating of A plus.I plan to continue that rating.I am sad to see that people will do anything to put a company out of business for a complaint that has no merit.Thank you Neil Leeds.I am here in my office at 818-759-7211 and will take any call from any of my clients.I am here to help and I stake my name on my company, in which many firms do not.I do not hide behind a no name company, I am neil leeds, and We are leeds mattress stores.I think clients who read this should try us out and if you find our service and prices to be a problem please call me so I can help you directly.

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Resolved Sagging middle

Purchased a $3500 "Mystere" model Comfor-Pedic mattress and what a piece of garbage and so is their "customer...

Resolved Matress has huge lift on on side and box spring sides falling off

I have had this set for less than 10 years and it
is falling apart. I would like to have a technician
come to have a look and see what is happening wiht
it. I paid over $2000.00 for this set and I purchased
it at Brault Martineau at the time.

Eleanor Robidoux

Defective/sagging mattress

I purchased a Simmons Worldclass Wickliffe Plus mattress on 9/10/2005 from Marshall Field's department...

Resolved Awful company

Our mattress has deeper than normal body depressions after only 1 year. It has been inspected by Mattress World and declined because we didn't buy the matching box spring. We were told by Mattress World at the time of purchase that our box spring was fine and "Would not void the warranty!". Then when they were called on it, they said their computer showed it was declined due to staining. Simmons does not honor any warranties if there is a stain on the mattress. After a second inspection - done after having it cleaned - they sent another letter declining due to staining because of the water residue left from the cleaning!!! Again - Simmons won't honor their "Wear" warranty if there is even ONE STAIN!! What a TERRIFIC company!!

  • Mi
    Mike Nov 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same problem and after doing research I discovered that Mattress World is the middle man and they do everything in their power to get you taken care of as a continued service. They work with the manufacturer for you so that you get taken care of faster and you don't have to go through the long process through the manufacturer. In the end it is the manufacturer that descides whether or not you have a warranty issue. I went through both processes, first, Mattress World and then the manufacturer. After going through the manufacturer I am more than satisfied with the service Mattress World offers and I have and will continued doing business with them.

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Disloyal customer service

My husband and I purchased a king mattress set on 9/27/2008 from the Mattress Giant store in Stonecrest...

Resolved Awful company

I made the mistake of going to one of there outlets, and first of all the sales person told me that it was new product that was considered overruns come to find out what they really sale is warranty returns and factory defects, bottom line junk! There are two locations in south carolina one is in Belton sc and the other is Seneca sc They go by several names 1.Simmons, 2. world of sleep 3. mattress warehouse and there probably are others. The staff is really a bunch of### please don't waste your money you work to hard.

  • An
    ange beloy Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My parents also bought one of these "top of the line" $1600.00 beds with her retirement money thinking it would be the last bed she would have to buy...HA! One year later, the inch and a half dent etc...same story as yours...finally got it replaced with one of the other two to choose from; SIX months later...guess what! You got it, same indentation, same "roll out of bed" mattress that is too dangerous for my ageing parents...I called Simmons and she kept threatening to hang up on me if I didnt lower my voice yet she kept cutting me off...I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SIMMONS AND I WILL TELL ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN AS TO WHAT THEY DID TO MY PARENTS. And lets not forget that Mancini's is selling this crap!!

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Resolved Never again

Simmons, what a joke!! They do not honor their warranty. My top of the line Exceptional mattress failed in less than a year with two trough like depressions where we lay. This was deemed "normal compression" by Simmons. I am told the more plush and expensive the mattress, the more likely this is to occur... it is conforming to our bodies. I'm a disabled vet who can no longer use this very expensive piece of junk, can not afford to replace it and must now sleep on the couch or be forever unable to escape my mattress. What a pathetic excuse for customer service. They also told me I must now wait for at least 6 more months before filing another complaint, that I am sure they will also deny. Simmons is crap. Never again, never!!

Defective mattress - company will not honor warranty

Do not purchase a Blackline Helena from Simmons or dealer. I bought my mattress from an online dealer in NC and received my Blackline Helena mattress in late June 2007. By November I had sagging which was having me only be able to sleep on on side of mattress because I would roll down. OUt of those months I had not slept on it for 2months due to a TDY with my agency. I contacted the online store in November and again in December with no return contact. I did not sleep on my bed again for almost 4 months and in May 2008 I contacted Simmons to see if they could help with a warrant replacement. THe Tek Check representative came out and found I already had a 1/2 to 3/4 permanent depression. WHen submitted to Simmons they turned back in June and sent me a denial of warrant saying it was normal. I have had back problems and can feel the springs. STay away as I have heard of other problems with the blackline and the Helena but to no avail here. I spent a lot on the mattress to be having such a bad nights sleep.

What good is the warranty

We bought a queen size Simmons mattress in 2005. The sales person said the mattress has a 10 year warranty. I asked what was covered? He said well if the mattress fails the company will honor it. I said, "the most important thing to me was that I don't want to pay $1300 for a mattress and I am still rolling into my husband when he lays down". Needless to say, in 2006 the mattress started to fail. I couldn't take it anymore. For a year my husband slept at the foot of the bed and I at the head. We called the company in 2007, someone came out and noted that there was a depression of an inch and a half. The company called us back to say they couldn't honor the warranty because there was a small stain on the mattress. I hadn't noticed the stain. I remember I spilled soda on the mattress a couple days before and forgot about it. They said I should have brought a mattress cover from them to protect the mattress. I keep a mattress cover on my mattress but it had to be from their company or they would honor the warranty. I think it is a shame to pay so much money for a mattress and you don't get the quality you pay for. Every time I buy new products I always feel violated, like I was legally robbed of my hard earned money.

  • Ca
    carol Jul 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same situation. NEVER BUY SIMMONS MATTRESS! THEY LIE! And their supposed 10 year warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.

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  • Pa
    patti Nelson Jul 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in the same situation.
    you may want to send an email to
    [email protected]

    there is a class action law suite being raised.

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  • Pe
    petermeix Feb 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Horrible and defective mattress!!! It sags within months and causes terrible back pains. We paid $2, 500. for a peice of garbage. We are irate and hate Simmons.

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  • Ti
    Tina Litchfield Dec 02, 2012

    Our bed sags so much after 7 months I have to hold on to the side to keep from rolling to the middle. Unfortunately, after six phone calls and sending certified letters to Simmons and Sit n Sleep, they offered me $750 credit, ONLY on a Simmons. I can't find a Simmons worth having.

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  • Bo
    Booze Feb 10, 2017

    Any current info. on Simmons mattress lawsuits? Just bought one and it is tearing after a month!

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Resolved A mattress should not sink 2& in 3 months

We bought the Black series (king size), supposedly Top of the Line for $2500. After less than 3 months, there...

Beautyrest mattress

In Mar 2006 we purchased a Simmons Beautyrest mattress, having had nothing but praise for the one we have in...

Beautyrest mattress is a lemon.

I purchased a king size Simmons Beautyrest mattress set in Dec of 2006. Within about 5 months my husband and I both noticed that the mattress was starting to sag. We both had indents where we lay on the mattress. It took me a couple of months, but finally I got in touch with the retail store, Elder Beerman, and they sent a person out to my house to check the mattress.

By the way, both people who sleep in the bed weight less than 200 lbs. each.

Well, the mattress was recorded as having two indents over 2 inches deep on both sides of the bed. Unfortunatley for me, there was a small 4" x 4" stain-- I thought it was a coffe spil. Since there was a stain, the warranty was said to be void.

My advice to anyone out there, looking to buy a mattress. ** DO NOT PURCHACE A SIMMON BEAUTYREST. *** The advertisements are clever---with the bowling ball gimmic, but the mattress is a terrible quality.

  • Ja
    Jack Mcallister Oct 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your spelling is awful! And you Ma'am are a goon. It is very clearly spelled out in the warranty that you void the warranty if there are any stains. And I highly doubt it was a coffee stain (unless by coffee you mean your bowels are as unstable as your grasp of the english language). And if you say that both people in the bed are under 200lbs. that means you are probably 198. Therefore I would suggest to lay off the Alli as you are leaking you zilch. And ultimately this could have all been avoided if you had spent $19.98 on a mattress protector you cretin. Thanks and have a nice day!

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  • Mi
    Mike06 Feb 07, 2011

    I agree with this post, and Jack Mcallister, you are a pathetic clown for your comment. If you are going to post something like that at least provide some factual statements to go along with your dumbass attitude and condescending comments. Are you a simmons employee perhaps because your stupidity reminds me of my dealings with simmons customer support representatives. Anyway, I have wasted enough time on you so here is my simmons story. I bought a queen beautyrest on 9/28/07. The mattress started sagging around summer 2010. And Jack Mcallister, I also weigh less than 200 lbs also, and not 198 lbs either (I cant believe I have to post this stuff for an idiot like you). I contacted simmons on 1/17 and they scheduled an inspector to could out to look at the mattress. The inspector used a weighted string placed across the mattress with a ruler to measure the depression in the mattress. However, the inspector's tactics were very underhanded. He pressed down on the mattress but before he took the photos he talked to me about the acceptable numbers that simmons needs to see before they will consider the mattress defective. Then when he was done talking he took his pictures. Looking back on it now I cannot believe I did not catch this trick at the time. By the time he took the photos the depression number was at 1 3/8 inches, this is what he wrote in his report. Coincidentally simmons requires a minimum of 1.5 inches. So my mattress was off by 1/8 of an inch. If he had taken the picture without talking to me it would have easily ready 2.5 inches. After this I received a letter in the mail saying the claim was denied and the level of depression that we had was considered normal wear and tear BULL$*&$. I sent 4 emails to [email protected] requesting the contact information for a supervisor or manager with the warranty department, I never received a response. Today I called them and the customer service woman that I talked would not give me any contact information for a supervisor, she said I could leave a message and she would make sure it gets to the supervisor... yea right, I'm sure, just like my emails were replied to. Then she said that my warranty claim had already been denied and I could open a new claim again in 90 days but "I would just be wasting my time because that one would be denied too" ... those were her exact words. What a despicable company with despicable customer service reps. I am going to invest in a memory foam mattress as soon as I can afford one. I am also going to cut the pillow top off the simmons mattress and take video of what I am sure will be defective coil springs (which is the case with the majority of beautyrest complaints) and I will then post this video online. I have already submitted 2 BBB complaints and I am going to spend as much time as I can getting the word about about this garbage company and their products. I already told my story to 2 women at a sears department this past weekend and steered them away from buying a simmons mattress (they bought a stearns and foster instead). At least I know that by word of mouth I can get some level of satisfaction by informing others about this company, their horrible products and awful customer service.

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  • Li
    Libra_lyric Feb 11, 2011

    Mikeo6...You do not have to wait 90 days for a new inspection. You can take your own photos and measurements of the depression and submit it to Simmons Warranty department and also send a copy of their rejection letter and say that you disagree with the outcome. I just went through the same thing with my 2004 mattress with depression that wakes both my husband and I with severe back and side pain. I was just recently granted a new mattress and foundation and is in the process of choosing my new Simmons Mattress. It was 3 months of the run around, but prayer and faith, (Praise be to GOD) victory is mine...GOOD LUCK!

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  • Be
    Beavercreek OH Nov 16, 2011

    I purchased a Simmons, Beautyrest Classic, King mattress set and frame, on April 23, 2008, at the Elder Beerman in Beavercreek OH. I have gone through the same complaint process as you have regarding deep impressions and sagging. I contacted Elder Beerman Customer Service in October 2011, they stated that they had no record of the purchase. Fortunately, I had copies of all the documentation and all the required tags were still attached to the mattress. The inspection was scheduled for October 15, 2011. I had to request a copy of the report via email. A week later, I received a call stating that the impressions (rolling hills) were normal wear. I called the salesperson at Elder Beerman and explained my concern - I was referred to the Elder Beerman Customer Service Department in IL, once again. When I spoke with the Elder Beerman Customer Service Representative, 800-420-4491, regarding my disagreement with the inspection results, she stated that I have to wait 6 months before resubmitting a complaint. This morning, after frustration with the complaint process, I just happened to do a web search for "Simmons mattress complaints" and read your postings. Thank you for sharing your experience regarding Simmons mattress and customer service issues. My next step is to take my own pictures and measurements of the impressions and resubmit my complaint to Elder Beerman and Simmons as suggested by Lybra_lyric, Feb2011 posting. I feel strongly that the poor quality of my Simmons Beautyrest mattress is the problem. Since I travel on business 40% to 50% of the year, technically the mattress held its form for less than 2 years.

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  • 21
    21stReviews Aug 05, 2015

    Well, you can read more here http://reviewkid.com/beautyrest-recharge-montano-luxury-firm-mattress-set-queen/

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Defective mattress, denied warranty claim!

Hello my name is Aaron Munoz I purchased a SIMMONS BEAUTYREST mattress from The Room Source furniture store...